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Asterix Omnibus #1: Collects Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, and Asterix and the Goths Asterix Is Celebrating Sensational Years As An International Comics Superstar, And In The First Collected Edition From Papercutz, The Stories Are Newly Translated Into American English For A New Generation Of Fans The Story Of Asterix Starts Here These Are The First Three Adventures Of Asterix As He Defends His Tiny Village From The Overwhelming Forces Of The Roman Empire Join The Short, Spunky, And Super Powerful Warrior From Gaul And His Faithful Friends Including The Boar Eating Delivery Man Obelix And The Ecologically Minded Canine, Dogmatix As They Battle To Protect Their Village Against Impossible Odds Asterix Omnibus Volume One Collects Asterix The Gaul, Asterix And The Golden Sickle, And Asterix And The Goths Three Classic Adventures In One Great Volume

About the Author: René Goscinny

Ren Goscinny 1926 1977 was a French author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic bookAsterix , which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered the series golden age.

10 thoughts on “Asterix Omnibus #1: Collects Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, and Asterix and the Goths

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    My husband used to have a bunch of these in French from when he was a kid My French was never good enough to read them, so when I saw this, I had to read it I am not familiar with the show, so the only thing I knew about it was that my husband enjoyed it when he was a kid But the first chapter in this book gives you the basics, so not being familiar with the story is not an issue Basically, the Romans have captured all of Gaul

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    I remember loving the movie when I was little but never got the chance to read the comics So when i came across it in netgalley, I immediately requested for it and read the book the same day I was approved.The book was awesome I loved all the characters except Romans because I m team Asterix , especially Asterix Obelix and the Gaul village people It was an super entertaining read The artworks are amazing and so colorful Highly recomme

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    Thank you, NetGalley and Papercutz, for a complimentary copy of this graphic novel I used to read these comics in Germany back when I was a kid I devoured every one of them and had high expectations when I started reading this English version Honestly, they did a fantastic job turning the names of the characters with puns that can only be understood if you speak the language in which you are reading the comic into English characters with puns

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    Does Asterix really need an introduction Definitely not In Asterix Omnibus, we revisit the very first stories of the famous Gaul and his party of brave and hilarious friends, as they defend their tiny village from the mighty Romans Go back in time and enjoy a glimpse into the first adventures Highly recommended.

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    I remember Asterix comics from high school French class Trying to translate understand them feltlike a punishment though I encountered them again during a trip to Brussels where I visited the Belgian Comic Strip Center and the MOOF Museum Thanks to Papercutz for the ARC I finally got around to reading and enjoying these stories I really enjoyed the rich humor in this collection, and there is so much to take in with the art work I ve truly become a fan of thi

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    I am big fan of Asterix It is a story that takes you in a different world You get deeply absorbed in the story It was a wonderful and satisfying pursuit when I read this omnibus edition.Artwork and captions are wonderful Asterix fans should definitely put their hands on this one.

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    I love this colorful, bold, and entertaining collected comics I would be glad to add a hard copy of this to my collection.

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    It was a fun read remembering my youth, I love Asterix and Obelix and all the village I really missed them and it was great reading again one of their adventures,

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    Excellent collection in English of the first three, translation is very good Character names arefun.

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    I just got the first chapter of the omnibus but as a long date asterix fan, it was amazing to dive into the world again.Always funny and distracting I would love to get the whole book

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