☉ Joshua: The Lord is our God (Unshakable Faith Series of Bible Studies Book 6) PDF / Epub ❤ Author Schalk Bornman – Tactical-player.co.uk

Joshua: The Lord is our God (Unshakable Faith Series of Bible Studies Book 6) Joshua The Lord Is Our God, Is A Bible Study Workbook For Group Leaders Or Individual Christians It Will Be Of Great Value To Anyone Who Is New To Christianity It Contains Questions With Answers That Are Easy To Understand The Book, Joshua, Contains Important Biblical Principles For All Generations God Had Chosen Israel By His Grace With A Very Specific Purpose In Mind To Be A Blessing To All Other People We Read, I Will Bless You And Make Your Descendants Into A Great Nation You Will Become Famous And Be A Blessing To Others I Will Bless Anyone Who Blesses You, But I Will Put A Curse On Anyone Who Puts A Curse On You Everyone On Earth Will Be Blessed Because Of You Genesis The Obedience And Purity Required For Israel To Dwell With God Teach Us About What Is Required From Us As Well To Dwell With God AnywhereThe Insight We Get From Joshua Into Gods Unfailing Character Is An Important Theological Fact Which Helps Us Understand Our Dependence Upon The Lord For Our Salvation As We Watch God Meticulously Keep His Promises, Both In Blessing For Obedience And In Cursing For Disobedience, We Are Reminded That He Keeps His New Covenant Promises Just As Well However, In The New Covenant God Has Given Us An Obedient Covenant Mediatora Saviour Greater Than Joshua To Lead Us Into A Salvation Greater Than Canaan

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