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Ayoade on Top Ayoade forever At Last, The Definitive Audiobook About Perhaps The Best Cabin Crew Dramedy Ever Filmed View From The Top Starring Gwyneth Paltrow In Ayoade On Top, Richard Ayoade, Perhaps One Of The Most Insubstantial People Of Our Age, Takes Us On A Journey From Peckham To Paris By Way Of Nevada And Other Places We Don T Care About It S A Journey Deep Within, In A Way That S Respectful And Non Invasive A Journey For Which We Will All Pay A Heavy Price, Even If You Ve Waited For The Smaller Paperback Edition Ayoade Argues For The Canonisation Of This Brutal Masterpiece, A Film That Celebrates Capitalism In All Its Victimless Glory One We Might Imagine Donald Trump Himself Half Watching On His Private Jet S Gold Plated Flat Screen While His Other Puffy Eye Scans The Cabin For Fresh, Young Prey So I hadn t seen the film, but I ve been a huge Ayoade fan since Travel Man so gave it a whirl Seriously without hesitation or reservation, the funniest book I ve ever read Then I watched the film, made all the enjoyable having read the book Then I read the book again and fell in love with it all over again Just superb. Genuinely hilarious Ayoade is a national treasure Weird Unfunny nonsense.Dissapointed. Didn t purchase this but anyone wanting to buy a normal sized book will be delighted, this book is the size of a paperback Very excited I m ordering one forthwith. SPOLIER ALERT in final paragraph.In this book Ayoade performs a thorough dissection of a bad rom com the type of unnecessarily detailed analysis they make you do in English literature classes It s extremely enjoyable I recommend you watch the film before reading the book.My only two criticisms would be 1 About a quarter of the book is the index I began a 3 hour train journey thinking I had plenty of book left to entertain me but was disappointed to find mainly index.2 I would have liked discussion of Donna s decision to become a pilot What motivated this decision Was it money Status The ability to be based out of Cleveland Surely Ted could have moved to New York so do we assume Paris First Class International was no longer good enough for Donna I thouroughly enjoyed this book and my copy arrived in an amazing condition There was nothing I disliked, I think the size of the book was perfect and I really did laugh out loud I enjoy Richard s links between the film and his own life and will probably watch the film one day I am happy this book exists.

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