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I had expected much from this commentary, even though the price was reduced It can hardly be called a commentary at all, as verses are glossed over, and opinions voiced without clear justification. This was recommended by my lecturer for study after my bible course, full of critique, useful information and all in one volume. Others have already reviewed this magnificent volume fully I find it very helpful for an initial assessment of what each bible passage is essentially about as well as giving necessary background details.No one volume commentary can really be adequate for extensive study but it is a good starting point I also have the Oxford single volume commentary and for me, possibly reflecting my own theological stance, I prefer this one.Index included and a little on New Testament Apocryphal writings which I find intriguing. Superb reference book for any theology student. The Eeerdmans Commentary On The Bible Presents, In Nontechnical Language, The Best Of Modern Scholarship On Each Book Of The Bible, Including The Apocrypha Reader Friendly Commentary Compliments Succinct Summaries Of Each Section Of The Text And Will Be Valuable To Scholars, Students, And General Readers Rather Than Attempt A Verse By Verse Analysis, These Volumes Work From Larger Sense Units, Highlighting The Place Of Each Passage Within The Overarching Biblical Story Commentators Focus On The Genre Of Each Textparable, Prophetic Oracle, Legal Code, And So Oninterpreting Within The Historical And Literary Context The Volumes Also Address Major Issues Within Each Biblical Bookincluding The Range Of Possible Interpretationsand Refer Readers To The Best Resources For Further Discussions Brilliant resource, very useful and understandable Excellent resource. Very thorough and an essential aid to in depth bible study Highly recommended. I love this book for the magnificent content I m sure the paper version is a joy to peruse and study.however, the kindle version is nearly inaccessible for anything other than straight through reading from beginning to end why e.g., at the bottom, the navigation slider any kindle user will be familiar with, I experimented trying to navigate to somewhere with Genesis, using the slider in this one case, between one location number on the slider and the next is well over a hundred pages the slider will only get you within a hundred pages or of what you re trying to navigate to to zero in on a particular passage, you are left with paging, one page at a time, for, in most cases i have to believe, well over 100 pages another example the beginning slider location of the book of Isaiah is location 23103 The end is location 25668 That is a difference of 2562 slider units not pages, of course , between those location numbers and on the slider, those loc s are adjacent to get to any finer location in Isaiah, you gonna do a TON of manual page by page turning to try to use this kindle for meaningful bible study would be insane i have seen this same dilemma in many other kindle books If the paginator were to simply use the paper book page numbers, or an exhaustive hypertext table of contents, the book would THEN be accessible Such a disappointment, I m sorry to say I searched for the full commentary, but it led me to the ebook that only has Proverbs The item description says over 1,000 pages, but the cover image and actual contents are only Proverbs. Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible: Isaiah

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible: Isaiah book, this is one of the most wanted James D G Dunn author readers around the world.

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