DIY Solar Power Autonomy: Ultimate Guide 2019: How to

8 thoughts on “DIY Solar Power Autonomy: Ultimate Guide 2019: How to Install Solar Panel System to Power Your Home and Contribute to Global Transition of Energy Consumption by Going Off Grid and Saving Money (Audio Download): Fred Connor, Truman Lane, Volodymyr: Audible Audiobooks

  1. arty arty says:

    No advice about positioning out of sun etc.Sticky pad blue covers difficul to remove.Yet to see if it is accurate.

  2. CC CC says:

    This is literally the worst book I have read of any genre I m actually upset and feel I was scammed out of my 15 and I m assuming all of the positive ratings are individuals that personally know the author In the 2nd paragraph solar was misspelled as sola and it s the topic of this book I finished the book in 2 hours which I will never get back and there are several other typos and grammatical errors, as well as misinformation in general I honestly believe that this book was written by a 5th grader that watched 30mins of YouTube videos but, didn t fully comprehend the content and wrote it on paper taking it only at face value A small example of this non sense is in the chapter regarding batteries The author advises against using car or marine batteries because if you leave your lights on in your car, it won t start therefore they don t store enough power and Lithium ion batteries aren t good because they hold too much power so they would take to long to charge therefore lead acid batteries are the absolute best because of the chemical composition of the battery Just so the author and all other previous reviewers are aware, the most common battery for automotive applications is lead acid and marine batteries are typically slight variations of this Another sentence straight out of the book on page 17 The battery only needs to store enough battery to get the engine to crank when it is off What Do you mean energy Or power Also this book has maybe 3 diagrams that were likely made on Microsoft Paint I m actually so upset that I was duped by positive ratings and made this purchase Thinking about purchasing this book, please save your money and watch 1 hour of solar installs on YouTube with videos that have a higher view count and positive rating and you with truly learn at no cost to you The only good thing about this book is the cover

  3. Antonius Antonius says:

    Beaucoup de mots, pas d informationsLire la livre prend peu pr s deux heures, deux heures perdus, car je n ai rien appris Quelques erreurs Thus, the calculation works out to 5 watts 6 hours 30 watts total En effet il doit ecrire 30 wattheure totalIl crit que lithium ion batteries ne sont pas the most efficient Il conseille batteries plomb acide Mais tous les experts disent clairement que le meilleur choix d sormais est lithium ion.Il crit Lead acid batteries are fairly large in size and have a much larger capacity as compared to lithium ion batteries C est l inverse, pour un certain poids volume c est lithium ion qui a un capacit superieur Dat Il ne parle pas de onduleurs hybride.

  4. Craig from Idaho Craig from Idaho says:

    The first advice I can give anyone interested in having a solar system of any size is to thoroughly do research on finding out what components you need before making any purchases Sadly, I didn t have anybody advise me before I started or I would have had money to build the system I needed So now you can get the advantage of my mistake.Your first savings will be from not buying this book In retrospect I would have been and was far better served by watching YouTube videos and reading sources that Youtubers posted below their videos for my own reference For anyone who has purchased this book, that is or has built a Solar System, and then given a positive review of this book is extremely doubtful in my opinion Save your money and look for better books and materials available free to you to enrich your knowledge about solar power systems and then purchase a book that is written technically once you have the basic concept of solar systems.

  5. LifeSaver LifeSaver says:

    Don t waste money on this book If anyone says they loved this book they didn t read it and are probably related to the guy who wrote it You can get 10 times better information for free off the internet.

  6. Jesse McPherson Jesse McPherson says:

    I have only thumbed through this book and read snatches of it but it obviously includes all of the details, theory and formulae anyone would need to decide on and install solar power in their house.

  7. Kip Krenz Kip Krenz says:

    If you take this book so you can Design and Install Your Own Off Grid a Photovoltaic Solar Power I found from and got many essential useful content from this guidebook The author did an excellent job for all I want to prefer this guide for all.

  8. B Jean Hall Ph.D. B Jean Hall Ph.D. says:

    Lots to learn from.

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DIY Solar Power Autonomy: Ultimate Guide 2019: How to Install Solar Panel System to Power Your Home and Contribute to Global Transition of Energy Consumption by Going Off Grid and Saving Money (Audio Download): Fred Connor, Truman Lane, Volodymyr: Audible Audiobooks If you are concerned about any of these issues, then you are not alone There are thousands of families who have gone off the grid They have canceled their contracts with their local power company and have gone completely solar Does this actually work You bet it does By setting up your own solar power system, you will be able to ensure unlimited energy for you and your family Unless the sun burns out sometime next week, you can rest assured that your family will have always be protected Are you interested in going off the grid but don t know where to start Well, this is a great place to begin Some of the topics that we will be discussing in this volume Right equipment you should choose The necessary calculation for estimating the system Setting up your solar power system Provided wiring diagrams and pictures Maximizing energy production by installing solar panels in the best way Lithium batteries use and maintenance And much You will find a veritable treasure trove of information in this single volume You won t have to go rummaging through the internet trying to find reliable and credible information This audiobook will provide you with everything you need to know in order to get started You won t have to go hopping from site to site All you need to get your system up and running is right here So, if you have made up your mind to go off the grid, you won t need to look any further I am sure that you will find answers to your questions You will feel confident about how to install your own solar power system so that you, and your family, will become energy independent for the foreseeable future What are you waiting for Learn today about how you can help keep your family safe no matter the circumstances