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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference Brought To You By Penguin Everything Needs To Change And It Has To Start Today In August A Year Old Swedish Girl, Greta Thunberg, Decided Not To Go To School One Day Her Actions Ended Up Sparking A Global Movement For Action Against The Climate Crisis, Inspiring Millions Of Pupils To Go On Strike For Our Planet, Forcing Governments To Listen, And Earning Her A Nobel Peace Prize Nomination This Book Brings You Greta In Her Own Words Collecting Her Speeches That Have Made History Across Europe, From The UN To Mass Street Protests, No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference Is A Rallying Cry For Why We Must All Wake Up And Fight To Protect The Living Planet, No Matter How Powerless We Feel Our Future Depends Upon It One of the poor reviewers urges us pity the author and not to trust scientists, then proceeds with a nonsensical and condescending justification full of untruths For shame This book is important climate change is the most critical issue of our time Any person, young or old, trying to effect policy change needs both encouragement and all the support we can offer. This book is talking about the reality of the crisis that faces everyone It is fact, not fiction When a young girl tells us we are destroying the future for all of us you can and must believe it.Read this book It is repetitive because the source was speeches written by one person But the facts bear repeating.Then, do something Change what you do an do everything with that climate warming curve in mind Because if we, and that includes you, don t, then we don t have a future Full stop This is a book of Greta Thunberg s speeches and it s very repetitive because all the speeches start the same It s probably not the writer s fault because at the time of writing the speeches together she probably did not intend to write a book However, she appears to be very well informed and she is imparting a lot of information to a lot of people I applaud her for her bravery against all odds that she is standing up and telling people exactly the way it is I hope people listen I bought the book to fund her cause and not because I wanted a book There are many things that I did not know about which I read in the book.

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