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The Crafty Sod: The Wife in Space Volume 8 In , A Fanboy Convinced His Not We Wife To Watch Every Episode Of Doctor Who With Him Even The Ones That Didn T Exist Any The Result Was A Moderately Successful Blog Called Adventures With The Wife In Space This Volume Collects The Final Phase Of That Blog And Covers Sylvester McCoy S Reign As The Doctor Time And The Rani To Survival Plus Paul McGann The TV Movie Extras Include Dimensions In Time, More Than Years In The TARDIS, The Wilderness Years, The Night Of The Doctor, The Five Ish Doctors Reboot, Illustrations By Graham Kibble White, Episode Annotations And A Foreword By Una McCormack

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    A funny and original commentary on a well loved but well trodden subject I ve bought this whole series as downloads and enjoyed them all immensely I keep them on my phone app as they also make good snippet reading at bus stops and on the bog, etc.

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