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The Little Book of Cleanfulness: Mindfulness in Marigolds! While We Are All Stuck At Home, Lets Make It A Fun Place You And Your Family Want To BeFind Joy In Cleaning Your Home Yes, ReallyApril, Aka The Secret Cleaner, Offers Simple And Playful Ways To Clean Your Space With Minimal Time And Effort AND How To Reframe The Way You And Your Family Think About CleaningFrom Redirecting The Rage Clean To Going Minimal, Making Cleanful Choices To Things Your Forgot To Clean, Try Aprils Inventive Tips And Cheerful Challenges To Make Your Home A Clean And Calming ZoneAlso Including Aprils Best Cleanful Recipes Quick To Make, Using Natural Ingredients, Powerful And Kind To You And The Planet A fantastic little book I read it in one go Full of common sense, which is sadly lacking in today s society If you haven t inherited the mindset and practical knowledge to maintain a home, and to get off your behind and take pride in your surroundings, then this will help develop the habits and routines. Perfect size hardback book with all you need to know from the Secret Cleaner, such a clever lady, who I follow on instragram Great little buy I love this little book, I read it all in about an hour but it is full of inspiring hints and tips which I ve found very useful Its given me a different perspective on how I approach my cleaning routine.

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