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Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence This was a fantastic read Although it sounded too amazing, somehow James Lovelock s writing is so convincing you have to believe it I loved it. It s a short read, but an absolutely absorbing one I find this book inspiring What a great mind this man has and so hopeful for the future of humanity too. Two trillion galaxies successive cenes rife 3.7 billion years beginnings of life Rolling around n around one of the hundred billion stars Evolving a planetary organism Atmosphere was too thin on the nearby planet Mars Modifying environment in favour of life If wiped out habitation cut like a knife Still taking out o the carbon sink Save ourselves by learning to think The dynamic governor keeping Maxwell awake No cause and effect for goodness sake Beyond classical logic the required impetus Transformed by Newton the mathematics of Calculus Speech holds back speed of mind unconscious In this finely tuned part of this corner of the cosmos Planet Vulcan mercurial peculiarity Cosmos explained Information parity Self sufficient Cyborg coming conscious cosmos Nation states and wars raw material loss Newcomen s engine 300 years of fire Millions of years of solar stores Black stone pyre 100 years the coming cene Information where the sun has been Selected and chosen off the shelf Cosmos able to explain itself Nuclear warheads fit in the hand Developed to destroy populations and land Surely one could use global disarm y own energy for life size of ya palm Politicians pick science for defence Demonstrating our limits of intelligence Sanctioning to build nation states Ensuing wars acceptance of fates Abusing science to military fund Energy wasted to grow the moribund Grimly imprisoned on the urban plains Authority designation high density aims Filling the gaps where the programme instructs and made to fit Flats and stacks termite huts sticking up the punishing profiteering s Local authorities reviews ensuing Stamped up in red not for public viewing Disgust and shame One on top of the other of the same Knowledge of Mars inside great big fans Less is known about our own bloody oceans 300 year history of Anthropocene Since Newcomen s invention powered by steam Population increase tenfold Wordsworth s waste and powers planet SOLD Selecting those with the highest prodigy Promises to lull good cene theodicy Trees and meadows rural life pine Care not to destroy hospitals, schools and washing machines So fine Intentional selection ten thousand times quicker Building CPU s beyond the artisan weaving wicker Computers design and make their own piece of kit Cosmos explained by the fundamental BIT AI LAWS prior to taking down the fence Where computers have been designed to evolve With lower levels of intelligence The junk of code it s far too late Cyborgs start afresh Off a clean slate No need for speech the classical mistake Intuition back from the quantum lake Reasoning logic by parallel process Moving it on from winning at chess All the unwanted transmitted from the pole Directed up through the atmospheric hole Banal entertainment Fake news, adverts and junk mail sent All together in the Arctic pool Broadcast to space to keep the planet cool Cohabitating collaboration new life with the old Political support Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems funded and sold Designed to exploit human parts so weak Chosen target to be attacked facial recognition for them to seek Sun growing hotter carbon comeback trees will shoot Batteries hanging from branches just like fruit The Matrix life in a virtual world of course Just being kept as an energy source Multidimensional logic unlike ours Coming intelligence new born powers Final transformation objective that fits The Novacene lifeforms They left the bloody cosmos in planck sized BITS Well written and thought provoking, not much content you can easily finish this in a day Worth the money. It is an exciting and challenging piece of work from a great scientist and a free thinker who is 100 years old and full of fundamental facts about our cosmos and universe a must read Progressive thought elevating the imagination I had to stop reading this book as it was completely pointless to go on He makes claims that are unsubstantiated and instinctively wrong He contradicts himself in almost everything he says to the point where I thought it was some sort of clever trick to somehow get you thinking Sadly not This book is a mess and proof, if it were needed, that a genius mind is also than capable of being mindnumbingly wrong.I may return and finish this book in the near future but right now, I think I need a bit of Carl Sagan to elevate my mind out of this scrambled mess. Penguin Presents The Audiobook Edition Of Novacene, By James Lovelock, Read By Roy McMillan James Lovelock, Creator Of The Gaia Hypothesis And The Greatest Environmental Thinker Of Our Time, Has Produced An Astounding New Theory About Future Of Life On Earth He Argues That The Anthropocene The Age In Which Humans Acquired Planetary Scale Technologies Is, After Years, Coming To An End A New Age The Novacene Has Already Begun New Beings Will Emerge From Existing Artificial Intelligence Systems They Will Think , Times Faster Than We Do, And They Will Regard Us As We Now Regard Plants As Desperately Slow Acting And Thinking Creatures But This Will Not Be The Cruel, Violent Machine Takeover Of The Planet Imagined By Sci Fi Writers And Film Makers These Hyper Intelligent Beings Will Be As Dependent On The Health Of The Planet As We Are They Will Need The Planetary Cooling System Of Gaia To Defend Them From The Increasing Heat Of The Sun As Much As We Do And Gaia Depends On Organic Life We Will Be Partners In This Project It Is Crucial, Lovelock Argues, That The Intelligence Of Earth Survives And Prospers He Does Not Think There Are Intelligent Aliens, So We Are The Only Beings Capable Of Understanding The Cosmos Maybe, He Speculates, The Novacene Could Even Be The Beginning Of A Process That Will Finally Lead To Intelligence Suffusing The Entire Cosmos At The Age Of , James Lovelock Has Produced The Most Important And Compelling Work Of His Life

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence book, this is one of the most wanted James Lovelock author readers around the world.

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