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The Way Home: Tales from a Life Without Technology It Was Pm When I Checked My Email For The Last Time And Turned Off My Phone For What I Hoped Would Be ForeverNo Running Water, No Car, No Electricity Or Any Of The Things It Powers The Internet, Phone, Washing Machine, Radio, Or Light Bulb Just A Wooden Cabin, On A Smallholding, By The Edge Of A Stand Of Spruce The Way Home Is A Modern Day Waldenan Honest And Lyrical Account Of A Remarkable Life Lived In Nature Without Modern Technology Mark Boyle, Author Of The Moneyless Man, Explores The Hard Won Joys Of Building A Home With His Bare Hands, Learning To Make Fire, Collecting Water From The Stream, Foraging, And Fishing What He Finds Is An Elemental Life, One Governed By The Rhythms Of The Sun And Seasons, Where Life And Death Dance In A Primal Landscape Of Blood, Wood, Muck, Water, And Fire Much The Same Life We Have Lived For Most Of Our Time On Earth Revisiting It Brings A Deep Insight Into What It Means To Be Human At A Time When The Boundaries Between Man And Machine Are Blurring

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    I didn t expect to love this book as much as I did Boyle writes beautifully, but doesn t romanticise the way of life In it we see a whole different writer to that of his Guardian columns, a result I imagine from the way

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    Mark Boyle may be known to you as the Moneyless Man after the financial crash in 2008, he decided to live for a year without exchanging anything for money Not being paid, nor paying money for anything either I vaguely followe

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    I had high expectations for this book having been recommended it by every part time off gridder on facebook I m the same age as the author and used to dream of escaping civilisation and living in a cabin apparently at the same time

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    I devoured this book Made me laugh regularly at the irony and truth of the lives we lead Made me sit up and think and share with my family it s profound and prophetic ideas and insights I m gifting it to my two eldest sons and anyone els

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