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Me: Elton John Official Autobiography A real page turner Elton is in places graphic about his family, love life, addictions and problems, but always with a lightness of touch in his prose which keeps you reading on Recommended. Me Pushes The Envelope The Movie Rocketman Gave A Reasonably Accurate Overview Of The Elton John Story But It Barely Scratched The Surface Of What S In This Memoir The Lurid Parts Will Get All The Headlines But It Is Really About The Man S Hard Won Self Knowledge Me Surely Has Something For Everyone A Gift The New York TimesThought You Got All Of Elton John S Story In The Rollicking Biopic, Rocketman Well, Consider That Merely A Tasty Appetizer Ahead Of This Ultra Rich And Heavy Dinner NBC NewsComing In October , The First And Only Official Autobiography Of A Much Loved Global Icon For a man who has had a life that is far from humdrum, he still manages to be self aware, funny but never average It is also full of stories of other musicians, royals and family members that were wonderful.I read it in one go and wanted Wanted to read this book as soon as i heard it was being published always liked Elton John liked him from the seventies I have no idea if Elton sat down and wrote this book himself Or if he did, how much it was edited But I m a former professional writer, part time musician and therapist, and about the same age as Elton, my overall take was that I found nothing inauthentic or incongruent in it.The style is very straightforward, it s not a timeline diary piece, but it s almost in diary style The first chapter actually had me in tears, because Elton s experiences so closely match mine as a child of the 1950s His social background, the culture into which he was born, his parents hasty wartime marriage and subsequent unhappiness, I had a depressed angry father too, and my mother was a narcissist, and I am a working class grammar school girl I even won the same music scholarship as Elton, although I attended the Guildhall I m glad I never had a record deal and a big musical career looking back, but Elton s story is a strong and valid warning to anyone young now believing that becoming a global recording artist is a dream It s usually a nightmare, and Elton s survival, while heartening and impressive, is not always going to be possible for others seduced by celebrity and riches.Pop is competitive and disposable than ever now Elton had the kind of artistic freedom today s chart fodder can only dream of Any autobiography is going to fight accusations of hagiography and false mea culpa moments, just enough confessional to spice up the book, not so much the reader is put off I ve never been a superfan of anyone, my tastes are just too wide, so apart from his early catalogue which for someone like me, a contemporary could hardly avoid, and which I did love by and large, my experience of the rest of his considerable body of work is limited It s a shame he does not believe he has been able to produce and market material as good as his earlier work, there are gems from later years, for example Sixty Years On and Indian sunset are also masterpieces to me but you ll not hear them much on Radio 2.Elton s puzzlement about the origins of his short temper, his neediness and attachment issues and his addiction are less of a mystery to me than him, although I would not presume to guess at the detail That he happily owns them all through the book is certainly further than some celebrity tell all s and slightly less than a few Overall pretty enlightening and in places even uplifting, it sits somewhere in the middle of two recent celebrity reads I ve worked through, Sean Penn s textually and intellectually dense bid for literary status which was just too surreal to bother with in the end, and the biogs, like Whitesnake s which quickly descends into a discography and tour diary People read bio s and autobios expecting some stripping back of the image and I was not disappointed with Elton s.He s been painted as an indulgent, drug addled hysteric too long by the gutter press, I hope this book goes a long way to redress that. I have to be honest, I probably wouldn t have read this book if I hadn t heard him talking about it on the radio I m not really a fan of celeb autobiographies and not a major fan of Sir Elton s But I have to say from the first page I couldn t put it down.The brutal honesty with which he talks about his extraordinary life, without ever trying to make excuses for his behaviour was refreshing and at times moving, funny and fascinating.Highly recommend I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book and was not disappointed As I was reading it I could almost hear Elton speaking the words Very well written and gives a brutally honest account of his life which moulded him into the beautifully talented man that he is His love for music shines through from start to finish highlighting the ups and downs of his life with bare all accounts of his addictions and troubled relationships with his mother and father Elton has worked hard and has been through a lot It warms my heart to know that he is now settled with his husband and two sons Thank you Elton John This is a really easy read and both moving and laugh out loud funny at times The honesty is disarming and commendable Found it a real page turner and read it inside a day Highly recommended even if you re not a fan of Elton s music I can t believe how cheap the asking price is for this thick hardback book which also includes pages of glossy photos.

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