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THE STORY OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE - Book 1 in the Dr. Dolittle series This Is The First In Hugh Loftings Famous Doctor Dolittle Book Series Written And Illustrated By Lofting It Contains Pen And Ink Illustrations Plus Illuminated Drop Capitals One For The Start Of Every ChapterNOPSIS John Dolittle, MD, Is A Respected Physician, A Quiet Bachelor Living With His Spinster Sister In The Small English Village Of Puddleby On The Marsh His Love Of Animals Grows Over The Years And His Household Menagerie Eventually Scares Off His Human Clientele, Leading To A Loss Of Income And Wealth But After Learning The Secret Of Speaking To All Animals From His Parrot Polynesia, He Takes Up Veterinary PracticeHis Fortunes Rise And Fall Again After A Crocodile Takes Up Residence, Leading To His Sister Leaving In Disgust With The Intention Of Getting Married, But His Fame In The Animal Kingdom Spreads Throughout The World He Is Conscripted Into Voyaging To Africa To Cure A Monkey Epidemic Just As He Faces Bankruptcy He Has To Borrow Supplies And A Ship, And Sails With A Crew Of His Favourite Animals, But Is Shipwrecked Upon Arriving To Africa On The Way To The Monkey Kingdom, His Band Is Arrested By The King Of Jolliginki, A Victim Of European Exploitation Who Wants No White Men Travelling In His CountryThe Band Barely Escapes By Ruse, But Makes It To The Monkey Kingdom Where Things Are Indeed Dire As A Result Of The Raging Epidemic He Vaccinates The Well Monkeys And Nurses The Sick Back To Health In Appreciation, The Monkeys Find A Pushmi Pullyu, A Shy Two Headed Gazelle Unicorn Cross, Whose Rarity May Bring Dr Dolittle Money Back HomeOn The Return Trip, They Again Are Captured In Jolliginki This Time They Escape With The Help Of Prince Bumpo, Who Gives Them A Ship In Exchange For Dolittles Bleaching Bumpos Face White, As His Greatest Desire Being To Act As A European Fairy Tale Prince Dolittles Crew Then Have A Couple Of Run Ins With Pirates, Leading To Dolittles Winning A Pirate Ship Loaded With Treasures And Rescuing A Boy Whose Uncle Was Abandoned On A Rock Island After Reuniting The Two, Dolittle Finally Makes It Home And Tours With The Pushmi Pullyu In A Circus Until He Makes Enough Money To Retire To His Beloved Home In Puddleby KWYWORDS TAGS Doctor Dolittle, Africa, Ali, Anchor, Animals, Bad, Barbary Pirates, Ben, Boat, Book, Bottom, Bumpo, Called, Cats Meat Man, Chee Chee, Set Course, Crocodile, Dab Dab, Dog, Duck, Eagles, Eyes, Far, Fast, Garden, Gub Gub, Home, House, Island, Jip, John Dolittle, Jungle, King, Land, Men, Money, Monkey, Nose, Owl, Parrot, Pets, Pig, Pirates, Polynesia, Prince, Prison, Puddleby, Pushmi Pullyu, Queen, Sail, Sailor, Ship, Sick, Spinster Sister, Swallows, Terrible, Too Too, Uncle, White, Wind, Window, Years, Folklore, Fairy Tale, Childrens Story, Stories, Fable, Legends, Journey, Bankruptcy, Flee, Crocodile, Parrot, Story Of Doctor Dolittle, Jolliginki, Puddleby

About the Author: Hugh Lofting

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the THE STORY OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE - Book 1 in the Dr. Dolittle series book, this is one of the most wanted Hugh Lofting author readers around the world.

7 thoughts on “THE STORY OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE - Book 1 in the Dr. Dolittle series

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    It still seems hard to remember that this, the first Dr Dolittle book and indeed the whole series were first thought up during the death and carnage of the First World War Serving as an officer in the Irish Guards Hugh Lofting when writing home to his family wanted something lighter for his children to read of instead of the brutality he saw around him, and so seeing

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    This is a must have in anyone s library A true classic a delightful story of the man that can talk to the animals Original print versions now rather un pc, particularly the sequels, but written of their time Yes there is than one Dr Dolittle book Go seek them out All incredible reads.

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    Written for children before prejudice was invented, a really easy pleasant read.Interesting characters that are easily imaginable.There are certain terms used, that will inevitably cause someone some offence, but if read correctly you should recognise them as compliments mostly

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    Yeah, I liked this, though not as much as I thought I would Less fun than the films, but details I think it s of a kids book than I expected, but the older youngster 10 11 etc would probably enjoy it, rather than a younger one, 7 8 I was curious about reading the book, as I d only seen the films, so I m glad I did.

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    Lovely introduction to the Dr Doolittle books if you haven t already read them I had several as a child, but amazingly, not this first one It describes how Dr Doolittle learns to speak the languages of the animals and then tells about his first big adventure Lovely.

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    It s a classic kids novel a story that needs to be retold to each successive generation.Got it for my granddaughter

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    Great book Reading it to our 5 year old and she loves it Would highly recommend.

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