Mind Over Clutter: Cleaning Your Way to a Calm and Happy

Mind Over Clutter: Cleaning Your Way to a Calm and Happy Home From the creator of This Girl Can Organise, the ultimate guide to decluttering your home in a fun, sustainable and meaningful wayAre you drowning in clutter Do you dread opening your cupboards because of the mess that awaits inside Are you ready to sort out your house for good and discover a happier, calmer you If youve tried and struggled with Marie Kondos The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up or Dana K Whites Decluttering at the Speed of Life, Nicola Lewis can help you finally achieve the tidy, clean and healthy home youve always wantedIn this book, Nicola will arm you with the tools you need to clean and clear your home With a step by step, room by room plan to get rid of clutter, recipes for natural, eco friendly cleaning products and tips on upcycling your household items, housework and organising have never been this easy From your makeup bag to your hoarders garage, your home will be spick, span and sparklingSections of the book include Nicolas JourneyTidy Home, Tidy MindHow to Declutter Room by RoomEco cleaning Your HomeUpcycling and DonatingDecluttering to GoNicola sprinkles magic wherever she goes and she has seen first hand how decluttering and tidying your home can help transform your mind, bringing you new found confidence and happiness Filled with helpful tips and tricks, actionable insights and positive affirmations, this is the perfect book to refer to whenever you need help to tidy your life

10 thoughts on “Mind Over Clutter: Cleaning Your Way to a Calm and Happy Home


    An easy read from beginning to end Simple, practical advice for achievable results.Nicola doesn t just tell you how to organise and declutter she explains why it s important and that s the bit that has stuck with me and that s the motivation I ve needed to start what I thought was a mammoth task.The book has been put into sections for each part of the house so its easier to refer back to the bits that I ve needed when I ve needed them.There aren t any before and after photos and some people could see that as a negative but the I think about it the I see that as a positive I m decluttering my home not someone else s I want to have my own before and after photos No one has the exact same house, the exact same furniture and the exact same belongings so why do I need to compare it to anyone else s.If you re looking for a book to motivate you without confusing you I highly recommend this one.

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    It s ok There are some interesting tips with regard to making your own cleaning products but suggesting you keep light bulbs to make decorations seemed a tad anti decluttering Would have been better with some inspirational before after photos but it seems to all be aimed at getting you to the social media It s really a simplified Marie Kondo so if you re short of time took me about an hour or so to flick through go for this Otherwise stick to MK and do it once and do it properly.

  3. julia prichard julia prichard says:

    Loved this little book Fun and useful tips to help de clutter, which is my pet hate.Love the way Nicola makes you feel like things are achievable and not overwhelming.Would highly recommend to anyone who needs to organise their home in bite size chunks but finds the idea daunting.Great guide and Nicola s approach is both fun and do able

  4. Mrs H Mrs H says:

    This book is a real must have and willhelp you restore some organisation into your home if you ve lost your way and your mojo Nicola breaks everything down into sections and makes you feel like it s achievable no matter how overwhelmed you may feel about it all.I really recommend this book, I honestly couldn t put it down when it arrived and it s going to change the way we organise ourselves as a family forever

  5. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    Down to earth, practical and easy to read much like the lovely TGCO herself I found myself reading this as soon as it landed it s so accessible to get into and I was soon rating to go All the tips seem so manageable and are delivered in an easy to digest style I have particularly loved the eco cleaning your house section Reminded me of old remedies and gave me new tips I have got my essential oils together and am ready to tackle many jobs in a Mind Over Clutter fashion, music blaring and one bit at a time.Thanks Nicola this book is a life saver.

  6. Artoo Artoo says:

    This book has changed my life I don t usually share what I m reading as I find it oddly personal, but I had to review this one.When I was a child my lovely mum did EVERYTHING for me, which unfortunately resulted in resenting and not really knowing how to do housework when I got older and certainly never enjoying doing it, even though my mental health soars when my house is clean and tidy Going through lots of bereavement at a young age also resulted in me hoarding quite a lot of things, and being worried about getting rid of stuff I didn t really need.Having multiple chronic illnesses and working full time also means I often don t have the energy to do the things I want to at home which in turn leaves me feeling depressed, useless and guilty, especially when being cluttered and disorganised impacts other areas of life Until recently my partner was doing all of the housework, which wasn t fair on him and I felt awful.Making my own eco cleaners there are loads of recipes in here has been amazing I ve been able to clean without triggering my asthma, which means I can do in one go I have major surgery coming up, and TGCO s account and this book have been a great inspiration to me to get my house in order beforehand I used to assume tasks would take all day or use up all of my energy, now I am capable of breaking them into manageable blocks If you re anything like me and struggle balancing everything, especially if you re battling illness, I thoroughly recommend this book 5 5.

  7. D Windsor D Windsor says:

    A fantastic guide to getting your home organised and de cluttered but in an achievable do able way.I particularly like the way the book is cut into sections so you can pick it up and work on the part of your home you want to at that time.I love the way Nicola is so honest and understands real busy working life.After following some of the tips especially the 10 ways to tidy and calm you it certainly makes you realise how with a few simple adjustments not only is your house looking and feeling better but your mind feels so much clearer.If you re stuck for a gift to someone you love them this book is fantastic it s like therapy.Highly recommended.

  8. Shauna Shauna says:

    Loved this book Was so looking forward to ordering it after following Nicola TGCO on Instagram Helped by splitting the book into rooms in the house and ways to de clutter a little at a time This way makes it feel like it isn t a big task I feel so much motivated to my mind is clearer when it comes to decluttering my home Tips to pass onto my little girl too Love it.

  9. dstoneamaphone dstoneamaphone says:

    I am only on the first steps of reading the book and making lists of what I want decluttered and contacting people in my life to help me.I have tried to de clutter on my own for all the 34 years I ve been alive and I m so happy that one of the part of Nicola s system is to be brave enough to ask for help.I m excited and hopeful that I will like my home.

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The author is just telling you step by step methods of bei my organized Disorganization is form of stress..

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