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AQA GCSE 9-1 Physics Revision Guide: For the 2020 Autumn & 2021 Summer Exams (Collins GCSE Grade 9-1 Revision) The Collins series of GCSE revision guides are excellent Very clear, easy to follow, review and absorb the key info that is presented well They really helped my son revise for his GCSEs he did very well too thanks By contrast we did not like the CGP series of revision guides too fussy busy. Ordered for my son to help with his studies.arrived very promptly Great science book for my 16 year old daughter to help with her GCSEs Her teacher recommended it so bought it along with the other science subjects too She found it helpful. Revise Physics with this book and the exam should be straight forward Great book for general use which is why I ordered it. My daughter said this book is very detailed and has aided in her learning. Good summary for revision Exam Board AQALevel GCSE Grade Subject PhysicsFirst Teaching September , First Exams June This Science Revision And Practice Range Contains Clear And Accessible Explanations Of All The GCSE Content, With Lots Of Practice Opportunities For Each Topic Throughout The BookThis E Book Is Replica Of The Print Title It Is Possible Some Sections Of The Print Book Can Be Written In Please Bear In Mind That You Will Need A Pen And Notebook In Order To Complete These SectionsRevision That Sticks The Revision Method That Really Works Repeated Practice Throughout Based On Research That Proves Repeated Practice Is Effective Than Repeated Study, This Book Is Guaranteed To Help You Achieve The Best ResultsThere Are Clear And Concise Revision Notes For Every Topic Covered In The Curriculum, Plus Five Practice Opportunities To Ensure The Best ResultsIncludes Quick Tests To Check Understanding End Of Topic Practice Questions Topic Review Questions Later In The Book Mixed Practice Questions At The End Of The Book Free QA Flashcards To Download Online An Ebook Version Of The Revision Guide

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