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The Prison Doctor: My time inside Britain’s most notorious jails. THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER A typical book in many ways of someone living a naive life and then understanding through the prison system that inequality is the main reason for people ending up in the system Housing is a huge issue or rather the lack of it I think that those who work within the system need to interact with the government in terms of aftercare and housing in particular with support If they don t we ll have a never ending merry go round of the same situations These problems will never be addressed otherwise Every single book on this subject is of the same and I cannot help but reflect on the vast amount of knowledge amassed but the total lack of support given on a pragmatic level I still feel that the system is about the people who work in it as opposed to those who need assistance Otherwise it s a good book in that it s readable There s no real profundity in terms of correlation of events that lead people into prison for example the care system I would have enjoyed thought addressing how to change the parts of the system that are clearly leading to these stories II think this book is worthwhile for people who are unaccustomed to sociological analysis. This book is poorly written and so full of cliches it s unbelievable Plus the author seems to think they are the only doctor ever to care about their patientsUnimpressed and definitely not worth the money I liked the anecdotal and reflective information on UK prisons It was interesting because I have no experience of prisons and it gained insight I liked the GP s honesty and revolt at the government over tick sheets teaching which I left , is no different politicians seem so good at telling other professionals how to do their jobs, while demonstrating total incompetency themselves over the past three years It made me realise, that jails are in radical need of overhaul and money to be spent Perhaps if the millions of pounds paid to renovate multiple royal households were better spent helping and supporting homeless which includes ex service people and those with mental illness, these people would have choices and not end up in jail.The only thing I d change is to make the book longer, or to write another one Bravo Sarah What else, I can should add it, to above title Very touching, giving a lot to think about and definitely brilliant narrator, style raw model of personality character empathy to follow A fascinating look into the life of a prison doctor Dr Amanda Brown became disenchanted with the new targets and guidelines implemented on her as a GP She made a hasty decision to quit the practice she lovingly built up from scratch with no future plans in place While contemplating her choices and the disappointment at how she had effectively been pushed out of a job she loved, she wrote an article based on how she felt In her own words, she should have pressed save but instead pressed send It was picked up by a GP journal and prompted a call offering her a role as a doctor in a young offenders prison Her career in the prison service began.After several years at Huntercombe Young Offenders Prison, Amanda moved on to the notorious Wormword Scrubs, followed by HMP Bronzefield She surprised herself at how much she relished the work and how she was able to make a difference to the lives of those she cared for.She is very candid about her feelings within the book and her preconceived ideas, which in the main were dispelled She speaks of the people she looked after with compassion and of her colleagues with admiration She gives shocking glimpses into the the lives of the prisoners men and women , how they ended up behind bars and the desperate measures they go to in order to cope Not a read for the faint hearted, as there are descriptions of assault, self harm and suicide attempts, but none are conveyed in a gratuitous way.This book is a real eye opener. A moving and insightful book which allows the reader glimpses of the human beings who are serving time in prison.It is, at times, tragic, tear jerking, moving and sometimes even funny encountering these men, women and teenagers through the memoirs of this very compassionate prison doctor. A brilliant book which is both informative and entertaining An incredibly down to earth, honest review about life inside our prisons, using colourful and creative words to give a clear account of life, events and people inside Above all the writer Dr Amanda Brown shows the prisoners should not be judged but helped to provide a firm foundation, so that when they are released, they have the guidelines and support needed to help them move on with their lives I couldn t put the book down and would certainly recommend it to anyone who is interested in people and what can be done with understanding and compassion to help the increasing prison population avoid re offending Delia Young Chartered Psychologist. A Fascinating, Sometimes Funny, Often Gruelling Account Of Working Behind Bars ObserverNot Only Features Startling Anecdotes But Also The Rewarding Aspects Of Her Job The Prisoners Who Sent Her Letters Of Thanks, The Ones For Whom There Remains Hope I Newspapereye Opening Harrowing Though So Many Of The Tales Are Unbearably Sad, And Some Details Quite Difficult To Read Without Flinching, Frequent Moments Of Hope And Humanity Mitigate What Could Otherwise Be A Bleak Look At Life On The Lowest Rung Of Societys Ladder The TelegraphAll Of The Highs And Lows Of Prison Life, With Heart Warming Honesty And Anecdotes To Make Your Sides Split And Your Jaw Drop In Equal Measure Amanda Has Filled Her Book Full Of Funny Tales That Both She And The Inmates Have Had A Good Giggle At Sunday Express S MagazineAn Enthralling Account The SunMy Time Inside Britains Most Notorious Jails THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Prison Doctor: My time inside Britain’s most notorious jails. THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER book, this is one of the most wanted Dr Amanda Brown author readers around the world.

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