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Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Luke Very good What Makes This Commentary On Luke Stand Apart From Others Is That, From Beginning To End, This Is A Literary Analysis Because It Focuses Solely On The Gospel As It Appears And Not On Its Source Or Origin, This Commentary Richly And Thoroughly Explores Just What Luke Is Saying And How He Says It Must have This is the book to get if you want to truly understand the Gospel of Luke Wonderful book I will likely purchase other volumes in the series. Great literary analysis of this gospelcan be read repeatedly, as lessons are revealed.excellent for bible study groups as is trrue in our case Arrived next day item exactly as wanted. I purchased this book to be used as study material while I preach through some of Jesus parables as found in Luke So this is a limited review, in that I have only used some of the book, and have not read it cover to cover.As a commentary, this is a great tool for preaching and teaching Johnson goes through Luke section by section e.g Luke 15 1 32 is covered on pgs 234 42 , starting with a translation of the passage, followed by verse by verse notes, and then a fairly engaging interpretation section It has some very helpful notes on some of the Greek words, though it always puts them into English phonetical equivalents, making it accessible and useful for those who do not have training in the Greek.The indexes are mostly concerned with where other Biblical passages are referenced, though it still seems like a useful tool.I ve found it to be a very useful commentary, though it seems suited toward academic pursuits than for preaching If I were writing an academic paper, I would definitely use this as one of my sources.I purchased this commentary because it was recommended by Fee and Stuart in, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, and I will continue to use it throughout my series on the parables, and in any future preaching that I do in the Gospel of Luke I would recommend it without hesitation to other pastors to be used as part of their study material.

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