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Out of the Woods: A Memoir You will find it very hard to classify this book Libraries will have a problem Turner has written a very odd book, but nevertheless it is a good oddity.Luke was damaged by several nasty male predators as a child Instead of seeking therapy he sought help by reconnecting with woods in Essex He gradually realised that he was bisexual Turner describes the havoc this can cause on normal life.On the advice of a homeless man who sleeps in a tent in the forest, he begins to explore Epping forest He writes engagingly about nature but also about the sort of people he comes across in the undergrowth They include Hermits, Hell s Angels, and gay orgies This has given the forest a nickname You will have to read the book to discover what it is.The author delves into the history and folklore of forests He shows how the natural world he inhabits is closer to the jungles of Conrad than you might imagine Turner becomes obsessed with the 6,000 acre Epping forest He learns to cope with his past He says that if the city is our superego, the forest is where the id cavorts.This is a well written work, a mix of nature writing, history and memoir It is candid and insightful. After The Disintegration Of The Most Significant Relationship Of His Life, The Demons Luke Turner Has Been Battling Since Childhood Are Quick To Return Depression And Guilt Surrounding His Identity As A Bisexual Man, Experiences Of Sexual Abuse, And The Religious Upbringing That Was The Cause Of So Much Confusion It Is Among The Trees Of London S Epping Forest Where He Seeks Refuge But Once A Place Of Comfort, It Now Seems Full Of Unexpected, Elusive Threats That Trigger Twisted Reactions No Stranger To Compulsion, Luke Finds Himself Drawn Again And Again To The Woods, Eager To Uncover The Strange Secrets That May Be Buried There As He Investigates An Old Family Rumour Of Illicit Behaviour Away From A Society That Still Struggles To Cope With The Complexities Of Masculinity And Sexuality, Luke Seeks To Accept The Duality That Has Been The Cause Of So Much Unrest In His Life And Reconcile The Expectations Of Others With His Own Way Of Being Out Of The Woods Is A Dazzling, Devastating And Highly Original Memoir About The Irresistible Yet Double Edged Potency Of The Forest, And The Possibility Of Learning To Find Peace In The Grey Areas Of Life Well written A brave honest account of the author s life inner struggles relationships Great admiration for Luke s courage in writing the book for his personal strength in working through the issues that he s been dealing with. Evidently not from this evidence But what did you expect Luke Turner searches for solace among the trees after a relationship breakdown but gets than he bargained for hauntings from past shames and traumas, a voyage into his own confusing sexuality But he finds clearings along the way, lets the light in between the thickets and gnarled trunks This is a beautiful book that I greatly enjoyed, a memoir that 80s and 90s kids will recognise, a true engagement with modern nature, an exploration of obsession, sex and religion and most importantly an affirmation of love. I stopped writing reviews but seeing how few this remarkable and important book has received, felt compelled to add one The book is multi faceted but for me its power lies in the way it explores the ordinary that exists under our noses, whether people or environment and the extraordinary, ditto It also celebrates and questions the role of religion, family, sexuality, teenage experience, coupledom, friendship and how to live a life in an era that appears to be liberal but is actually full of prejudice and hypocrisy I find my own solace and inspiration in local woods and the importance of trees can t be overestimated I m adding this to various reading lists it s an important addition to the growing literature relating place to human existence. This memoir was all over the place I went into it expecting it to be solely about the author s status and acceptance of being a Bisexual man but it was about how his religion affected how he viewed himself This had the potential to be hard hitting and touching but it wasn t there and the three elements religion, sexuality, and nature, all fell flat and did not feel important This just needed some tweaking to realign this into a better structure as the narrative was not there. It s rare that words can bring something so vividly to life that you feel you are part that tapestry Nature and sex are combined in perfect unity, and this is probably one of the most important books written on male sexuality and desire outside of society s heteronormative expectations A beautifully written book. An unexpectedly lovely, lyrically written, beautifully told story It has the quality of making you think, taking you to your own reflections and yet really investing in his story Loved this book Only one criticism so many references to pollarded trees I started playing pollard bingo

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Out of the Woods: A Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Luke Turner author readers around the world.

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