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Spying on Whales Whales Are Among The Largest, Most Intelligent, Deepest Diving Species To Have Ever Lived On Our Planet We Have Hunted Them For Thousands Of Years And Scratched Their Icons Into Our Mythologies They Simultaneously Fill Us With Waves Of Terror, Awe And Affection Yet We Know Hardly Anything About Them Whales Tend To Enter Our Awareness Only When They Die, Struck By A Ship Or Stranded In The Surf They Evolved From Land Roaming, Doglike Creatures Into Animals That Move Like Fish And Breathe Like Us And Can Grow To , Pounds, Live Years And Roam Entire Ocean Basins Yet Despite Centuries Of Observing Whales, We Know Little About Their Evolutionary Past In This Remarkable New Audiobook, The Smithsonian S Star Paleaontologist Nicholas Pyenson Takes Us To The Ends Of The Earth And To The Cutting Edge Of Whale Research As He Searches For The Answers To Some Of Our Biggest Questions About These Graceful Giants His Rich Storytelling Takes Us To The Cool Halls Deep Inside The Smithsonian S Priceless Fossil Collection, To The Frigid Fishing Decks On Antarctic Whaling Stations, And To The Blazing Hot Desert Of Chile, Where Scientists Race Against Time To Document The Largest Fossil Whalebone Site On Earth Spying On Whales Is An Illuminating Story Of Scientific Discovery That Brings Listeners Closer To The Most Enigmatic And Beloved Animals Of All Time

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    Good value

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    Couldn t put this down Fascinating read, well and originally written

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    Interesting book

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    Wonderful book

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    Very well written

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    If you are interested in the evolution of whales through geologic time and their being in present and future then this is the book for you Written by a palaeontologists and in his eyes.

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