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Liquid: The Delightful and Dangerous Substances That Flow Through Our Lives This is a fascinating book explaining the properties of many different liquids It helps if you have a scientific engineering background but would still be of great interest to those of other disciplines My only criticism is that he did not explain enough about water, especially the property that it is at its densest at 4 deg C enabling fish to survive in frosty conditions. I really enjoyed this book The science is pop than deep but that gives the author scope to entertain as well as to inform The entertainment comes largely from the author s using a long haul flight as the backbone to his story I also found the epilogue fascinating although the author seems to have latched onto a particular style of science writing I hope he will write again, and deeply, on advances in liquid technologies Who might particularly enjoy Liquid Creative writers, possibly Students getting into chemistry or physics, probably And, certainly, those with a long haul flight in the offing six hours in a metal tube will give you enough time for a wine or two, a meal, a coffee not tea , a bit of a movie, a biro hunt, filling in your landing card, and finishing this gem of a book. I am not a reader of scientific books but reviews in the press persuaded me to buy it and I was not disappointed The book imparts knowledge in a format which is very easy to read and I would certainly buy another book by the same author What a cracking book A have also read his Stuff Matters which is just as good I can t put it down I will be gutted when I ve finished it but I can see that I will read it again some time Highly recommended if you want something for the general audience rather than really hard science Brilliant and entertaining It s not often that you come across a science book which is a page turner, but this is one.Crammed full of fascinating facts, including why airplane tea tastes nothing like tea, woven into the author s musings during a transatlantic plane journey, this book puts the popular into science. I bought this as a present for my 88 year old father who is a retired metallurgist He absolutely loved it and found it really interesting He thought it was well written and kept telling me all about it Now my husband has borrowed it and is reading it too, he says it is fascinating. The topic is interesting, the angle flying in a plane, considering all the liquids one comes across or less stands up, but the fact is that this book isn t about the topic It s about the writer, Mark Miodownik He talks us through his attempts to emotionally connect with the woman sat next to him, his anxienties about flying, his personal alcohol consumption habits, his coffee drinking everything screams me me me And to be honest, while his first book was like that too, there was enough substance especially in the first half of the book for you to forgive him.In this one, however, there isn t.If you re interested in Mark than the science he s popularizing then by all means get the book Otherwise don t waste your money. Miodownik Packs This Delightful Book With So Much Well, I Never Knew That Information Not Only Does He Know His Stuff But, Just As Importantly, He Knows How To Tell A Good Story A Truly Delightful Read Jim Al Khalili, Author Of Paradox It S A Little Known Fact That Liquids Are The Coolest State Of Matter And If Anyone Can Spread That Message All Around Him, It S Mark Miodownik From Ink To Saliva, Coffee To Soap, This Is An Exhilarating, Eye Opening Ride Philip Ball, Science Writer And Author Of HO A Biography Of Water A Brilliantly Navigated Journey Through The Scientific Marvels Of The Fluid World, From Coffee To Kerosene, From Tea To Tar, From Honey To Hydrophobia, From Peanut Butter To Perfluorocarbons A Thrilling Read, From Start To Finish Tim Radford, Author Of The Consolations Of Physics Why The Wonders Of The Universe Can Make You Happy Miodownik Is A Materials Scientist, But Really He Is An Alchemist He Transforms Knowledge Of Everyday Stuff Into Literary Gold His Book On Liquids Oozes Brilliance On Every Page Alex Bellos, Author Of Alex Through The Looking Glass This Book Delivers Exactly What It Promises It S A Treat I Lost Count Of The Number Of But Why Questions It Answers This Is A Winning And Hugely Readable Book James McConnachie The Sunday Times Once Again, Miodownik Has Written A Book Much Like The Substances It Describes Exciting, Anarchic And Surprising Like The Sea, It Covers A Lot Of Ground And Like A Perfectly Made Cup Of Tea, It Is Warm, Comforting And Very Refreshing Katy Guest The Guardian Miodownik Yet Again Makes The Seemingly Mundane Awe Inspiring I Ll Never Look At A Ballpoint Pen The Same Way Again Kelly And Zach Weinersmith, New York Times Bestselling Authors Of Soonish Mark Miodownik Flies High Again In Liquid It S A Treat To See The World Through His Eyes As He Flows From Topic To Topic, And Under His Gaze Even The Most Mundane Things Ballpoint Pens, Ketchup Bottles, A Cup Of Tea Sizzle With Significance Sam Kean, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Disappearing Spoon And Caesars Last Breath Miodownik S Appeal Comes Not Only From His Ability To Explain The Complexities Of Science And Engineering But Also From His Acute Social Observations Original And Entertaining Clive Cookson Financial Times Miodownik Uses A Routine Transatlantic Flight From London To San Francisco And The Liquids That He Encounters On The Way As A Vehicle For A Sparkling Exposition Of Materials In Science And Engineering His Lively Analysis Takes In Kerosene Fuel, Wines From The Drinks Trolley, Glues Holding The Aircraft Together, The Entertainment System S Liquid Crystal Display, Clouds Outside The Cabin, And Much Besides FT Books Of The Year By The Author Of The Prize Winning Stuff MattersA Series Of Glasses Of Transparent Liquids Is In Front Of You But Which Will Quench Your Thirst And Which Will Kill You And Why Why Does One Make Us Drunk, And Another Power A Jumbo Jet This Fascinating New Book By The Bestselling Scientist And Engineer Mark Miodownik Is An Expert Tour Of The World Of The Droplets, Heartbeats And Ocean Waves That We Come Across Every Day Structured Around A Plane Journey Which Sees Encounters With Substances From Water And Glue To Coffee And Wine, He Shows How These Liquids Can Bring Death And Destruction As Well As Wonder And Fascination From Lszl Br S Revolutionary Pen And Abraham Gesner S Kerosene To Cutting Edge Research On Self Repairing Roads And Liquid Computers, Miodownik Uses His Winning Formula Of Scientific Storytelling To Bring The Everyday To Life He Reveals Why Liquids Can Flow Up A Tree But Down A Hill, Why Oil Is Sticky, How Waves Can Travel So Far, And How To Make The Perfect Cup Of TeaHere Are The Secret Lives Of Substances That We Rely On But Rarely Understand

About the Author: Mark Miodownik

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Liquid: The Delightful and Dangerous Substances That Flow Through Our Lives book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Miodownik author readers around the world.

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