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An Elephant in My Kitchen: What the Herd Taught Me about Love, Courage and Survival The Most Magical Book About The African Bush Since Born Free Daily MailA Beautiful Love Story Between Humans And The Majestic Elephants Jo Malone, Daily ExpressA Must Read For Animal Lovers People S FriendA Powerful, Moving Sequel To The Bestselling The Elephant Whisperer That Tells The Story Of One Woman S Fight To Protect A Herd Of Elephants

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    An amazing story which will hopefully spread awareness about the horrors of poaching and highlight the courage and bravery of those who try to protect the animals Education is the key and books like this should be on exam reading lists so that future generations will learn to think and behave differently and learn to love and respect all the animals we share the planet with.

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    Two amazing books written by husband and wife Elephant Whisperer and Elephant in my kitchen You have to read these books to realise how very little we know of the Animal kingdom and how much we as humans can learn from them Only by reading these books can we begin to understand What evil people do and kill and mame these animals for their horns and tusks for money and to put their troph

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    This book and its companion The Elephant Whisperer are greatly moving accounts of the heroic struggle to save endangered species in Africa These books restore faith in human goodness and lift your spirit in both measures The incredible work of the people involved brings hope for the future of wildlife and the environment Highly recommended Warning it will move you to tears when reading a

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    This book is a heart warming, emotional read about the way in which the wife of South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony, who also wrote books which I thoroughly recommend, one of which is called The Elephant Whisperer , was faced with the daunting task of running the game reserve of Thula Thula without him, whilst still grieving for her much loved husband.Francoise faced many chall

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    This is an inspiring story of a husband and wife s efforst to save elephants and rhinos in Zululand, and the challenges they faced from poachers, shortage of funds and the need to support animals, some of whom were badly traumatised, and help them rebuild their trust The couple set up a nature reserve where they could work with the animals and protect them and their project became an impor

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    Having read all three of Lawrence Anthony s books, I was thrilled that francoise had carried on This incredible brave big hearted lady carried on in the face of adversity This book is both heart warming and heart breaking I truly hope that Francoise writes another I shall be waiting

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    Since receiving this book I have not left the house. Preferring to visit Africa instead I read with tears streaming down my face Yet there is a lot of joy to be had as well..One thing that disturbed and baffled me was. this wonderful lady loves and fiercely protects her animals. Yet continues to serve and eat dead ones It made no sense to me All animals deserve protection.However. Apart from

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    I purchased this book immediately after reading the preview that was included in Francoise Malby Anthony s husband s book The Elephant Whisperer Her husbands account of his life in South Africa was a tremendous read and I felt moved to read , so this book fitted the bill perfectly While I did not find this book so riveting or moving it was still a good read and the background knowledge from T

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