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70 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know A great book It is causing me to think and rethink many of my favorite verses It has also made me interested in Hebrew It helps in the process of de Anglosizing the Bible. The Basic Message Of The Bible Can Be Understood In Any Language At The Same Time, Many Biblical Texts Are Hard To Understand Because They Dont Quite Make Sense When Translated Into English Something Is Missing Quite Frequently, What Readers Miss Has Been Lost In Translation Maybe There Is A Pun Or Wordplay In The Original Sometimes Names Like Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, And Eden Just Seem Like Names To Us But Have Meanings That Are Essential To The Story Many Hebrew Words Have Multiple Meanings, But The English Translators Have To Just Pick One For Example, The Same Hebrew Word Can Mean Both Hear And Obey Even Common Are Hebrew Words That Have Much Wider Meanings Than Their English Translations A Few Examples Are The Hebrew Words Rendered As Remember, Covenant, Walk, Gates, Love, Cleanliness, Holiness, Glory, Wisdom, And Fear The Original Language Allows Various Parts To Click Together Like Well Constructed Puzzle Pieces With Hebrew In Mind, Interpreters See New Details They Didnt Realize Were Missing Before They Make New Connections They Immerse Themselves In Scripture FullyThats Where This Book Comes In Learning A Language Is Like Learning A Worldview Those Who Learn Biblical Hebrew Can Better Understand Not Only What Biblical Authors Wrote, But Also How They Thought Unfortunately, Those Insights Come Only After Years Of Study This Book Is About Getting Right To The Important, Exciting Insights Its An Opportunity To Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Our Minds As We Better Understand How Biblical Authors Used Their Language To Express Their Experience Of God And The WorldIf You Are Just Beginning To Study Hebrew And Want The Insights And Motivation To Continue Or If You Have No Intention Of Learning Biblical Hebrew But Want To Better Understand The Bible, This Book Is For You I ordered this book for my mom over the summer and since the folks farm she wasn t able to get around to reading it until just recently and was very disappointed to find that pages 115 126 were missing from the book Unfortunately we are out of the return window to exchange copies, but I wanted to post this review to notify potential future buyers to double check their copies as soon as they arrive My mom said that she really enjoyed what she was able to read, and that the content itself was very good. Not really necessary just look up words online I agree with the title Very helpful methodology Clarifies troubling passages. The choice of words is poor in my opinion I would go with the names of god instead in great shape As a minister who has long forgotten the Hebrew I had to take, I found this book extremely good as it deals with key words and phrases, but also with the problems presented in doing translations of both words and ideas. I am a non seminary trained bible student I am a very monolingual college graduate This book pried open a portion of my mind to get a hint of what I am missing in depending on others to translate the text for me I think this is a very useful tool for those of use who carry the bible with us each Sunday morning.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 70 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know book, this is one of the most wanted Matthew Richard Schlimm author readers around the world.

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