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The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: The Untold Story of a Lost World Thrilling The Best Book On The Subject Written For The General Reader Since The S Tom Holland The Sunday Times A Gripping Read In The Best Traditions Of Popular Science Andrew Anthony The Observer The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs Is A Lovely Book Brusatte Has A Wonderful Knack For Conjuring Vivid Worlds Out Of A Few Shards Of Petrified Bone He Is Excellent Company As A Narrator, Steering A Course Between Pedantry And Patronising Oversimplification With Flair, And Unafraid To Guide The Reader Through Some Fairly Complicated Patches Of Science When He Feels It Is Worth It Oliver Moody The Times A Vibrant View Of How Dinosaurs Originated And What Happened To Our Mesozoic Favourites Brusatte Is As Adept A Scientific Storyteller As Any Reader Could Ask For The Spectator A Masterpiece Of Science Writing The Washington Post An Up To The Minute Account Of The Long History And Remarkable Biology Of The Extraordinary Animals That Capture The Imagination Of Every Child The Dinosaurs Are Much Varied Than The Popular Picture Of Lumbering Giants And Matching Meat Eaters Steve Brusatte Expertly Leads The Reader Through The Latest Discoveries To Unravel Their Great Range Of Lifestyles In A Vanished World He Explores The Research That Led To The Realisation That Dinosaurs Iive On As Birds The Book Is An Appropriate Antidote To The Hubris That Puts Our Human Species At The Centre Of The Living World Professor Richard Fortey Steve Brusatte Is Doing Some Of The Most Exciting Research On Dinosaurs Today, And He Brings That Excitement To The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs Whether Hes Recounting Remarkable Fossil Discoveries Or Explaining Millions Of Years Of Evolutionary Change, Brusatte Shows Just How Much Our Understanding Of Dinosaurs Has Changed In Just The Past Decade Carl Zimmer, Author Of Evolution Making Sense Of Life The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs Is A Work Of Solid Modern Science, Updating The Fallacies And Fancies Of Antiquated Paleontology, Revealing The Quantum Leaps In Understanding Of This Modern Science But It Is Than That It Is A Personal Quest Full Of Enthusiasm And Joy, Getting Beneath The Dust To Reveal The Scales And The Feathers Of Dinosaurs Steve Backshall, Naturalist And BBC TV Presenter Steve Brusatte S The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs Is A Triumph Written By One Of Our Young Leaders Of The Field, He Brings New Discoveries, A Taste For A Good Yarn, And His Infectious Enthusiasm To Some Of The Epic Tales Of Paleontology It Is Hard To Read Brusatte And Not Love Lost Worlds Neil Shubin, Author Of Your Inner Fish As A Scientist On The Front Lines Of Discovery, Brusatte Delivers A Cutting Edge Account Of Earth S Most Awe Inspiring Age, And Does So With Great Skill, Humor And Wonder In His Thrilling Account Of The Revolutions And Innovations That Brought Dinosaurs To Rule The World For A Near Eternity, Brusatte Captures Both The Majesty Of The Creatures He Studies, As Well As The Breathtaking Evolutionary Ride That Transformed These Once Scrawny Also Rans Into The Myth Making Tyrants Of Legend It S The Most Epic Chapter Of Earth History, And Here It S Told Vividly By One Of The World S Top Paleontologists Peter Brannen, Author Of The Ends Of The WorldBefore There Were Homo Sapiens There Were The Dinosaurs A Thrilling Re Evaluation Of The Creatures That Ruled The Earth For Million Years By One Of The World S Leading Paleontologists

About the Author: Steve Brusatte

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: The Untold Story of a Lost World book, this is one of the most wanted Steve Brusatte author readers around the world.

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    This is a fascinating and enjoyable read and I recommend it to anyone interested in the history of dinosaur exploration The author adopts a novel approach, offering a narrative consisting of two distinct elements On the one hand, this is a tale about the dinosaurs themselves how they lived, their habitats, ecosystems, etc And on the other hand, it

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    An extremely interesting and well explained popular science book The evolution of the dinosaurs through the various time periods, and the eventual extinction of many of them is clearly laid out and convincingly argued for now anyway A subtitle of the Rise and Rise of the Palaeontologists May also be suitable, but I found the history, and recent experience

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    I have always been interested in paleontology in a very, very amateur way I found this book very readable but the scientific names of the fossils used are hard to keep track of in my ageing brain By the time I was about halfway through, though still enjoying the information, and admiring the ingenuity and intelligence that had gone into it s finding, I started to w

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    Like many kids I had a liking for dinosaurs, a world of creatures from thousands of years ago that walked the planet But that was about as far as it went It wasn t until I read this book, that I soon discovered there is to them than you think, and the author s enthusiasm comes over throughout the book You get the feeling you would love to be there searching, alas this is t

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    A very good up date on Dino s Absolutely superb writing not too technical and in places quite difficult to put down I would have liked a better set of family tree graphics explaining links with other pods of the dinosaur age but that s a trivial complaint compared to the great story line.

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    I enjoyed this book, mostly for the reasons I was expecting, but Brusatte writes a lot about his work as an paleontologist and collecting, collating and studying fossils and it provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of dinosaur study.I do think it perhaps goes a little too far into this though this is a book called The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs yet a great deal of it is autobiogr

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    This book is brilliant I work in a completely different field, so the idea of choosing to read this comes purely from a life long love of Jurassic Park mixed with just wanting to learn I ve been endlessly repeating facts I ve learned to just about anyone that will listen, updating mates with a Dino fact of the week Learning about how the fossil record is understood, as well as reading about how the c

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