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All Things New: Heaven, Earth, and the Restoration of Everything You Love I ll be buying copies to give as gifts it s too good to keep to oneself Gives fresh hope and perspective at a time of increasing darkness, but without being escapist, or sticking one s head in the sand. I ve walked with Jesus a long time and as I get older, I long and for our Home I ve read different books and commentaries on, but this one.I hardly have words It has literally changed everything about my daily interactions with people, my various struggles large and insignificant annoying people at the airport, for instance , how I pray, my understanding of scripture, purpose, how I spend my money Literally everything There is a feeling in the pit of my stomach like the butterflies you get as a kid when you know tomorrow you are going to an amusement park or the night before Christmas I think this must be what true, genuine hope feels like I feel like I have this great secret and I m bursting to tell people indeed, I have brought it up in nearly every conversation I have had since reading it I rarely read a book twice but I m going back in to see if I missed anything the first time.I read Sacred Romance about 18 years ago, and that, too, was life changing I feel like we ve come full circle I am grateful for the wisdom and insight God has given John. Breath of fresh air in Christian writing on the future and hope A must for everyone who struggles with question about Heaven and original design, our place in The Kingdom I loved this book and the vision it sets out for our glorious future but with each of the chapters read there was still a nagging feeling that it was all working out beautifully for the author s life but left unanswered the reality of others The main thrust was the restoration of all things we love, but nothing was given to those whose families were not Christian How can their joy be made full in the coming restoration and mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters are not there with them and yet there dog is The still born baby whose parents aren t Christian The parents of children who rebelled and never came to faith Those that suffered abuse, shame, etc and again were too shattered to accept their true Saviour The man who accepts Christ in his 80 s and none of his family before him did likewise These are hard but legitimate questions regarding our eternal happiness that the author doesn t deal with in anyway and leaves a sense of Well as long as I m happy, who cares that there are millions left in torment If all creation is to be renewed where are those outside the city, obviously those aren t in anyway restored, but again there is silence regarding this part of God s creation Again let me say the vision the author sets out is both beautiful and breathtaking, but as long as everyone you love is already in Where do I go if my daughter or son isn t If they are to be separated from me for eternity then the restoration of all things I love isn t exactly true to the author s intent.. One of those books that found ME The concept immediately hit a nerve and demanded further exploration Eldredge paints a moving picture of the Great Restoration the dramatic renewal and healing of the Earth as well as all creation , and what our role is in this redemptive work I imagine this image has unique value to those who cannot bear the endangering Evangelical ideology that this world is not our home it s just a temporary rest stop that will ultimately be discarded like a needleless Christmas tree.I have such deep issues with the popularized Evangelical concept of life after death as celestial retirement that I generally stay away from all contemporary literature on the subject It s vapid and simplistic, and it s lost the ability to hold my attention However, I do not regret making an exception and reading through Eldredge s depiction of the New Earth.Recommended for anyone who loves this Earth, the myriad creatures that call it home, and wants to grow in the hope that God will renew and heal all creation. I pre ordered this book a few weeks ago and received an instant online copy when I ordered it I read it straight through in a matter of hours The hard copy will arrive today and I m excited to begin my second reading of it Very impactful Reading it felt like waking up.In his book, John describes the coming Kingdom and the renewal of all things My understanding of the ending of the age had, up till now, been very bland and colorless Not something I could put my hopes into because it actually filled me with hopelessness This never ending church service in the sky idea that I had been taught time out of mind had been draining me of all excitement about Jesus return Not any John s truth filled, brilliantly written book has restored life and color to my understanding His description is deeper and nearer to mortal heart marvelous and yet not strange, as Tolkien wrote The coup de gras to the hopelessness that I have been battling There is so much coming And that truth has filled me up with joy and expectancy Thank you so much, John.If you are hungry and hurting, needing hope, and aching for a deeper understanding of the Kingdom, read this It will change your life. There have been certain beliefs I have always had concerning what heaven will be like John refers to it as the Restoration of All Things My beliefs have not only been confirmed in John s writing, but also greatly clarified The Holy Spirit has done a tremendous work in my heart for which I shall forever be grateful, and though I may not meet Brother Eldredge in this side of the trumpet, I know we will have a time of fellowship when my God makes all things new I would recommend this book to anyone Especially those who struggle with loss, discouragement, depression, or loss of hope Read and do not be thrown off What is recorded here has very real potential to Hanger your life. New York Times Best Selling Author John Eldredge Offers Listeners A Breathtaking Look Into God S Promise For A New Heaven And A New Earth This Revolutionary Book About Our Future Is Based On The Simple Idea That, According To The Bible, Heaven Is Not Our Eternal Home The New Earth Is As Jesus Says In The Gospel Of Matthew, The Next Chapter Of Our Story Begins With The Renewal Of All Things , By Which He Means The Earth We Love In All Its Beauty, Our Own Selves, And The Things That Make For A Rich Life Music, Art, Food, Laughter, And All That We Hold Dear Everything Shall Be Renewed When The World Is Made New More Than Anything Else, How You Envision Your Future Shapes Your Current Experience If You Knew That God Was Going To Restore Your Life And Everything You Love Any Day, If You Believed A Great And Glorious Goodness Was Coming To You Not In A Vague Heaven But Right Here On This Earth You Would Have A Hope To See You Through Anything, An Anchor For Your Soul, An Unbreakable Spiritual Lifeline, Reaching Past All Appearances Right To The Very Presence Of God Hebrews Most Christians Most People, For That Matter Fail To Look Forward To Their Futures Because Their View Of Heaven Is Vague, Religious, And Frankly Boring Hope Begins When We Understand That For The Believer Nothing Is Lost Heaven Is Not A Life In The Clouds It Is Not Endless Harp Strumming Or Worship Singing Rather, The Life We Long For, The Paradise Adam And Eve Knew, Is Precisely The Life That Is Coming To Us And That Life Is Coming Soon There was some passages in this book that made me cry when I read them, not from grief but from joy knowing my loved one is now experiencing life as it was meant to be and that one day soon we will be reunited The author had recently experienced a number of deaths in his family and friends and this book I believe brings comfort to those of us who are grieving over those close to us who have passed on before us, and he does an excellent job of offering reassurance and comfort I really enjoyed this book The book was very informative but at the same time easy to read He give a lot of insight into what life for us will be like when Jesus returns and restores the earth as well as the bodies of us and our loved ones who have gone ahead to the perfection He intended for us before the Fall of man I also like that he stays close to what the Bible tells us about Heaven But most importantly if you are someone who has lost someone close to you this book will give you great comfort by reassuring you they are much better off now than when they were on this earth and that one day we will be reunited on a perfect earth.After reading this book I read Randy Alcorn s Heaven Both books cover the same topic but Alcorn s is much longer and exhaustive Alcorn s purpose, I believe, is to provide of a theological basis for the existence of Heaven and what we will experience there while Eldredge s purpose is to provide comfort and reassurance to those of us who are grieving the passage of loved ones While there is nothing wrong with Mr Alcorn s book I personally preferred Mr Eldredge s book.

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