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Diana: Her True Story - in Her Own Words This Exclusive Edition Features An Introduction Narrated By The Author, And An Interview Between Andrew Morton And Celebrated Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond A Reissue Of This Classic Title, Updated With Never Before Published Material From The Original Taped Interviews And With A New Introduction By Andrew Morton That Reflects On The Extraordinary Circumstances Surrounding The Original Publication Of Diana Her True Story One Of The World S Best Known Biographers, Andrew Morton S Groundbreaking And Controversial Biography Diana Her True Story Changed The Public S Perception Of The British Monarchy And Became An Instant Global Best Seller When It Was First Published, The Original Book Was Met With Abuse And Criticism From The Disbelieving British Establishment And Mass Media At The Time Diana S Collaboration With Morton Was A Closely Guarded Secret It Was Only In , Months After Her Tragic Death, That Morton Revealed How The Princess Was The Hidden Hand Behind The Most Controversial Royal Book Of All Time In Raw And Revealing Tape Recordings, Diana Exposed The Sham Of Her Marriage To Future King Prince Charles, Her Eating Disorders, Her Suicide Attempts As Well As Her Hope And Faith In A Happier Future This Was Royalty Unplugged And Uncensored, The Princess Talking Candidly About Her Whole Life, From Her Unhappy Childhood To Her Time Inside The Royal Family Sadly A Life Of Such Promise Was Cut Short In An Underpass In Paris As A Result Diana Her True Story In Her Own Words Remains Her One True Testament, The Nearest We Will Ever Come To Her Autobiography This New And Revised Edition Reflects On The Extraordinary Circumstances Surrounding The Original Publication As Well As Diana S Long Term Legacy, Particularly The Lives Of Her Two Sons, Princes William And Harry What happened when a sensitive, naive, shy young woman of 19 was plucked from her life by the most influential and feared family in Britain Unsurprisingly, she became anxious, depressed and started to self harm The Palace s response to this was ridicule and isolation I guess nowadays that s no surprise What I found the really shocking in this book, is the depth that Prince Charles was involved with Camilla, sending her very specific eternal love tokens the week of his marriage to Diana and that Diana was treated like a courtesan by him, the Parker Bowles set and the Palace Establishment It s a grim read, but a historical must read book. I bought this for kindle when it was first released but only got round to reading it on a recent holiday It started off reasonably well, but as the book progressed several things started to annoy me One that it was repetitive, two it was out of sync and three I started to think it was doing Princess Diana an injustice in that the you read the you felt she might have been unbalanced I felt uncomfortable because she is not here to defend those parts of the book The book should surely have been in chronological order but it dapped around all over the show I found this annoying and frustrating I found the last sections of the book quite laborious After reading the book I felt, whether rightly or wrongly, that Prince Charles had never loved her I hope that is an incorrect assumption because if true it is no wonder the marriage was a failure and Diana would have suffered years of unhappiness By the end of the page I personally felt a degree of sadness and depression and the words what a waste came to mind. It is Diana s account of a troubled life and how really had she not married into the royal family she would have been better off of that I am certain BUT both the WINDSORS and the SPENCERS had much to gain from allowing an impressionable teenager to marry a Royal.We can see fault on all sides, The Royals, Diana reaction toward them when she realized she had been used To the SPENCERS also but at the end of the day the whole this was tragic for all.This will never happen again as we have seen the church has less power and those divorced have remarried like Charles and Camilla, Anne and others.Times have changed William and Harry have married who they love In the case of Catherine, she is than suitable and has proved a perfect partner for her cautious Prince They will do well together and are in love and happy together.Harry deserves to be happy and I hope Meghan is the girl in the long term only time will tell Meghan appears to be a good fit.Diana has made this all possible Whether the WINSORS like it or not DIANA HAS SHAKEN THE CORE OF THE WINDSORS AND HAS LEFT HER MARK.I admire the QUEEN She has done a fantastic job as the QUEEN of ENGLAND as did George V and George V1 She has followed on and stayed the course She had the right character William also has a steady character AS for Diana well in 2006 when her divorce came through that was when she needed the steady hand of a Royal Police force because she was like a teenager let free and made fatal mistakes.

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