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Cruel to Be Kind: Saying no can save a child’s life Cathy Has Been A Foster Carer For Over Years, During Which Time She Has Looked After Than Children, Of All Ages And Backgrounds She Has Three Teenage Children Of Her Own One Of Whom Was Adopted After A Long Term Foster Placement The Name Cathy Glass Is A PseudonymCathy Has Written Books, Including Bestselling Memoirs Damaged, Cut, And Will You Love Me

8 thoughts on “Cruel to Be Kind: Saying no can save a child’s life

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    I like Cathy glass books, and pre ordered this one back in June But whilst it s a very good story and it breaks your heart, I m starting to find Cathy a bit preachy and condescending She is constantly on and on about the child s weight, in every chapter it s

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    I have read every one of Cathys books and never scored her under 5 stars This book, however, I found was full of unwanted and unasked for health advice which made her come across as condescending The reader really doesn t need to know the contents of every meal or tha

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    This book like the others that I ve read by Cathy Glass grabbed and held my attention Her books rarely end how I think they will.It s awful to read these books and remember that they are not fictitious and then to feel dreadfully sorry for the families involved.There is somethi

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    Downloaded this on to my kindle and read it in a couple of days on my holiday.This is another example of the brilliant work that Cathy does Each of her stories are different in their own right and this is yet another heart moving story Cathy has so much to deal with apart from the child

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    You ve done it once again Cathy, you ve got me addicted to another one of your books, I was having a bit of a readers block nothing was very interesting UNTIL I picked this up an couldn t put it down Fantastic book an mega twist I didn t see coming either, going to read nobody s son in a mo as wel

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    What a wonderful inspiration Cathy Glass is, how she helped Max and his family can only make you realise how much work she puts in This book also educates you on what we take for granted in life may not be happening for everyone It s a great read and certainly makes you think.

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    A lovely story about a boy who came into care when his mother was admitted to hospital max was a lovely boy with a lovely nature but was very overweight but with cathys help max got to eat healthy but after being with cathy max returned home to heartache 5 STARS

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    As usual exactly what you d expect from this author a well written easy to read account of a child s story This story shows how fostering affects a whole family not just the child and the impact both families have on each other As always this honest account pulls no punches on how challenging fostering can be for the whole fam

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