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Beastly Brains: Exploring How Animals Think, Talk, and Feel In Beastly Brains , Castaldo Delves Into The Minds Of Animals And Explores Animal Empathy, Communication, Tool Use, And Social Societies Through Interviews And Historical Anecdotes Researchers From Charles Darwin To Jane Goodall Have Spent Years Analyzing The Minds Of Animals, And Todays Science Is Revolutionizing Old Theories And Uncovering Surprising Similarities To Our Own Minds Humans Are Notalone In Our Ability To Think About Ourselves, Make Plans, Help Each Other, Or Even Participate In Deception Youll Think Differently About The Animals On This Planetmaybe Its Their World And Were Just Living In It

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    This book presents a good overview of the intelligence of various animals It does not go into detail about the studies that lead to the conclusions As a result, it is a short book, but adequate for someone wanting to know something about animal intelligence.

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    Great book My 14 yr old grandson enjoying it Informative and easy to read Filled with great information for the inquisitive.

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    Good book

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    This was such a fascinating book Chock full of excellent examples of how and why animals behave as they do The text was well written and engaging It definitely kept my interest The photographs were also amazing and looked so life like As a middle school science teacher, I would highly recommend this for any class on animal life science or bi

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