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Greek for Life: Strategies for Learning, Retaining, and Reviving New Testament Greek I read through this book in one sitting, well I took a lunch break and devoured the rest of the book After 30years in ministry it was only in 2012 that I seriously utilized Greek in preparation of sermons and teaching material I reviewed mounce s Basics of Biblical Greek grammar, then went through Wallace s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Got a reader s Greek New Testament and Trenchard s complete vocabulary 6 years down the line, I am comfortable reading Na 28 every day Having read Keep Your Greek and Using Greek with fluency and devotion, Greek For Life basically summarizes my continuing journey in Utilizing Biblical Greek I felt that the author s were couches urging me on , firing me up, inspiring me to grow deeper so I can continue to proclaim God s word with confidence knowing what the Spirit originally said through the human writers of our New Testament So at 58 years of age, I feel like an inspired freshman in seminary Thank you for this timely writ One of the best investment I ever made Learning Greek Is One Thing Retaining It And Using It In Preaching, Teaching, And Ministry Is Another Greek For Life Offers Practical Guidance, Inspiration, And Motivation To Help Readers Learn, Retain, And Use Greek For Ministry, Setting Them On A Lifelong Journey Of Reading And Loving The Greek New Testament The Book Also Surveys Helpful Resources For Recovering Greek After A Long Period Of Disuse And Includes Devotional Thoughts From The Greek New Testament Merkle And Plummer Have Written A Charming And Immensely Practical Book On How To Retain And Even Regain Knowledge Of Greek I Am Thrilled To Recommend This Book, Which So Effectively Instructs And Motivates Us To Continue Studying The Greek New Testament Thomas R Schreiner, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Clearheaded, Relevant, And Oh So Timely Merkle And Plummer Provide A Compelling Case For Greek And A Surefooted Guide To Retaining It Greek For Life Has The Potential To Pull Us Back From The Brink And To Silence Those Who Suggest, Either Explicitly Or Implicitly, That The Rules Have Changed And That The Study Of The Greek New Testament Is Pass It Is Not Time To Give Away The Game, And Merkle And Plummer Show Us Why And How To Persevere Jay E Smith, Dallas Theological Seminary Merkle And Plummer Have Produced A Very Practical And Useful Book For Beginning And Returning Students Of Greek Learning And Retaining The Language Can Be An Intimidating Prospect, But They Show Us That Being Lifelong Students Even When We Are Convinced That We Do Not Have The Time Is Important, Rewarding, And Definitely Doable By Providing Constructive Tips, Encouraging Words, And Examples Of How Knowing Greek Makes A Difference In Our Understanding Of The Word, These Experienced Teachers Make Their Case That Every Student Can Learn The Language And Apply It Profitably In Life And Ministry Michelle Lee Barnewall, Talbot School Of Theology, Biola UniversityBenjamin L Merkle PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Is Professor Of New Testament And Greek At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary In Wake Forest, North Carolina Robert L Plummer PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Is Professor Of New Testament Interpretation At Southern Baptist Theological Seminary In Louisville, Kentucky Merkle And Plummer Are Coauthors, With Andreas J Koestenberger, Of Going Deeper With New Testament Greek An Intermediate Study Of The Grammar, Syntax, And Exegesis Of The New Testament Only suitable if you need external motivation to make Greek part of your life Unsuitable for me I have plenty of motivation but was looking for concrete language learning tips. I took Greek ten years ago and did poorly Now I m taking it again online with Dr Plummer as my teacher This book was extremely encouraging, practical, and motivating It really shows how someone with a less than great memory myself can make steps toward learning and retaining the Greek language It s a surprisingly accessible and enjoyable read given its subject. There are few books that I have not been able to put down, most of which have been narratives Greek for Life which is not a narrative is one such book It does exactly what I hoped it would do encourage me to continue in Greek for life It also provided me with a wealth of knowledge on how to use various resources.This book is essentially like having a three hour conversation with Dr Plummer where he pours out his passion for Greek and tells you exactly how to succeed If you care about Greek you must read this book I loved this book I could hardly put it down The blend of encouragement, exhortation, and examples of others who have made Greek a priority was pitched perfect for me The research they drew on about habits as well as the resources they recommended energized and excited me I m so glad I read it.I entered elementary Greek with much excitement but finished my second year of Greek exhausted Years after I completed my M Div I still used Greek some but could not really read Greek A few years ago a friend and long time student of Greek helped me relearn Greek in preparation for a D Min program and now I enjoy reading and translating Greek, but I know I still have so far to go This book helped me discover resources to help maximize my time, encouraged me to consider practices and habits that will build Greek reading and study into my life, and reignited that old passion to love and enjoy the Greek NT.This book is great for anyone starting Greek, seeking to keep their Greek, grow in their knowledge of Greek, or recover their lost knowledge of Greek All but the most advanced Greek readers will benefit and even they might pick up an idea or two The one this I wish they had included that was missing was a few thoughts on how to preach from the text of the Greek NT testament They never promised that, but its an area where I m looking for instruction.I can t say enough good things about this book May many take up and read Very practical book on retaining Greek Most people, besides professors, natural academics, and pastor scholars, will most likely not end up retaining Greek And consequently, this book adds to the battle of Greek s relevance in ministry.I found the book helpful and if you can learn and retain Greek, and if Greek is helpful to your service in the local church, then good for you Excellent Encouraging, thought provoking and motivating. very helpful, clear and motivatinguseful for beginners, recalcitrants, and relearners I would recommend, whatever stage you are at in your Greek learning

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