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One Trick Pony This is a book that younger readers and probably adults might find interesting Older children may not like the obvious pandering to kids making the hero a young girl who meets a magical robot pony your older kids raised on cynical fare may find this too syrupy sweet.Yet, it is very well done The story is well drawn and plotted It is hard to write a good all ages story that is both interesting, has good action and yet, not be too graphic There is one very intense moment at the end spoiler the pony dies to save the girl and all of humanity It is written well so that we as an adult can understand the deeper meaning and point of what the characters are saying without making it hard for younger children from following along.The design of the aliens and their fundamental motive is also well executed This is a bit of a change for Mr Hale who had previously done historic fact based graphic novels It is well done and perhaps we might see further adventures of this girl and her family as they rebuild human civilization. I Really Enjoyed This Graphic Novel It Was Fun And Entertaining And It Was Also Humorous As Well I Definitely Found Myself Laughing A Lot Of Times During It And I Really Enjoyed That Aspect Of It Aoife Lawler, Youtuber The Aliens Are Coming The Suspense Held Me Right Through To The End, I Just Couldn T Put It Down I M Definitely Giving It Stars RoboEpicGuy BlogNathan Hale Is The New York Times Bestselling Author And Illustrator Of Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales He Also Illustrated The Graphic Novel Rapunzels Revenge, Which Was An Als Book Club For Kids Selection, An ALA ALSC Notable Childrens Book, And A YALSA Great Graphic Novel For Teens He Lives In Provo, Utah This review is courtesy of my 12 year old son, who owns Rapunzel s Revenge and has devoured all of Nathan Hale s Hazardous Tales most of them many, many times.He was very disappointed in One Trick Pony Read it twice only because he was participating in a Read A Thon and had only brought the one book with him Felt the plot was cliched his term and the ending was too pat.He did think that the illustrations were outstanding Particularly likes the way Hale illustrates in black white, but uses one accent color throughout his books.For what it s worth, he believes that this book was designed for younger children, so another reader may have a completely different opinion However, unlike Hale s other works, my son will not be reading this again. My tween, my middle elementary kid, my first grader, and my spouse have all read and enjoyed this book It involves tense situations, not for the faint of heart.I bought this for my first grader who fell in love with the totally age inappropriate Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins on audiobook before she could read.She likes reading on her own now, but I wanted to give her something with a deeper story than what she s reading for school I chose this because it s an adventure with a mechanical horse, and it wouldn t be visually dense like a chapter book She takes the book everywhere now when she can wrestle it away from others in the family. You might know Mr Hale from his awesome Hazardous Tales historical graphic novel series If you don t you re gonna love those too This novel is set in a post apocalyptic near future where alien invaders are devouring every last trace of human made metals and electronic devices All that s left of humanity are small bands of survivors trying to outwit and outrun the aliens The main character is a girl named Strata who finds a beautiful and rare robot pony when she s out scavenging with her brother and her friend Strata insists on keeping the horse even though the presence of something technical makes them a target of the aliens who are soon chasing after them Here are three things to love about One Trick Pony 1 Kleidi, the robot pony She is gorgeously golden and pops out in Nathan Hale s distinctive two tone yellow gray coloring for this novel She adds comic relief when she only listens to Strata and no one else And plays a surprising role at the end of the book I gotta say, the ending shocked me in a good way It took a twist I was not expecting at all.2 The aliens These are seriously scary multi limbed, disjointed, frightening giant blobbing aliens called Pipers that release bubbles to capture electronics they scavenge from the earth And if you re holding to that technology you could lose your limb They are like a cross between the creature from the Alien movie and an Hieronymous Bosch painting It s creepy good 3 The concept of the caravan The main character, Strata, lives with this traveling band of digital rescuers who save data and technological devices before the aliens can get to it in the hopes that one day civilization can be rekindled That idea is so, so powerful and timely when you think of efforts to suppress scientific data now Our own digital rescuers are heroes I know all you teachers and librarians and book lovers listening can relate when I say that the burning of the library at Alexandria stills shatters a part of my soul to think of all that knowledge lost And I love how Nathan Hale captured that concept in this graphic novel.In One Trick Pony, Nathan Hale has masterfully combined two seemingly disparate elements a girl and her pony story and a fierce science fiction battle book And it is wonderful This review is an excerpt from Books Between Podcast, Episode 19 My kids love Nathan Hale s Hazardous Tales series I got them this when it released and they devoured it quickly They liked it but they prefer the Hazardous Tales series Great illustrations and story though

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the One Trick Pony book, this is one of the most wanted Nathan Hale author readers around the world.

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