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Other Minds: The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life A Philosopher Dons A Wet Suit And Journeys Into The Depths Of Consciousness Peter Godfrey Smith Is A Leading Philosopher Of Science He Is Also A Scuba Diver Whose Underwater Videos Of Warring Octopuses Have Attracted Wide Notice In This Audiobook He Brings His Parallel Careers Together To Tell A Bold New Story Of How Nature Became Aware Of Itself Mammals And Birds Are Widely Seen As The Smartest Creatures On Earth But One Other Branch Of The Tree Of Life Has Also Sprouted Surprising Intelligence The Cephalopods, Consisting Of The Squid, The Cuttlefish, And Above All The Octopus New Research Shows That These Marvellous Creatures Display Remarkable Gifts What Does It Mean That Intelligence On Earth Has Evolved Not Once But Twice And That The Mind Of The Octopus Is Nonetheless So Different From Our Own Combining Science And Philosophy With Firsthand Accounts Of His Cephalopod Encounters, Godfrey Smith Shows How Primitive Organisms Bobbing In The Ocean Began Sending Signals To Each Other And How These Early Forms Of Communication Gave Rise To The Advanced Nervous Systems That Permit Cephalopods To Change Colours And Human Beings To Speak By Tracing The Problem Of Consciousness Back To Its Roots And Comparing The Human Brain To Its Most Alien And Perhaps Most Remarkable Animal Relative, Godfrey Smith S Other Minds Sheds New Light On One Of Our Most Abiding Mysteries

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    Other Minds can be considered essential reading, for a number of reasons First and foremost, it is a magnificent defence of evolution, but not in the way that much of the Richard Dawkins canon is instead, Godfrey Smith writes from the correct standpoint that evolution is a fact, and considering the reality of evolution, here are some things that we can learn Without accepting the fact of evolution, this b

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    This is a quite short book which looks at what we can learn about our minds by looking in at the closest we have to a mind in an alien body, that of the mind of an octopus The book starts brilliantly with a fantastic, clear introduction to evolution and how animals and our brains developed I really loved the first two chapters I also found other parts interesting including discovering the short life of an octopus o

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    If you are interested in the latest thinking in evolution and how evolutionary biology can underpin the seemingly imponderable understanding of what constitutes Mind and indeed how the human Mind compares with the Mind of organisms from which we diverged in evolution some 200 or 300 million years ago, then this is the book you need Written in a superbly conversational style, this is already one of my favourite ever books.

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    If you ve ever been intrigued by the origins of intelligence, of minds and of subjective experience but haven t delved into it, this is the book for you Peter Godfrey Smith does a superb job of summarising the evolution of life from single cell organisms into the various branches we see today The focus on octopuses and cuttlefish often contrasted with advanced vertebrate species such as humans, baboons and birds is incredibly helpful

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    Let s get the bad stuff out of the way first As others have said, Peter Godfrey Smith doesn t come across as a particularly good writer, nor philosopher, nor subject matter expert The last is certainly unjustified, however you d probably have got a enlightening philosophy on the mind and consciousness from your late night cheese and wine Liebfraumilch discussions at university.But how much do you know about octopuses or, apparently, octopodes

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