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Install Your Own Solar Panels: Designing and Installing a Photovoltaic System to Power Your Home I read so far one third of the book Gives great overview on Components and cost, ways to install and how to appropriately size a system Even if you do not want to install your solar system yourself but you want to get it from a contractor it is a good idea to get this book With this knowledge you will be able to understand the different types of components and installation requirements Love it. Once I decided to tackle a DYI install of solar at my home, I ordered a couple of books to help me through the research and plan development stage This book, by far, was the best one that I ordered Honestly, once I got into this book I never used any of the others again Everything was explained clearly and gave me enough information to get started with my project I consider myself to have average mechanical and electrical skills, and I was able to complete the entire process including all electrical and mechanical by myself and passing my inspections on the first try Couldn t recommend this resource enough I have some general carpentry and electrical skills but not a lot I found the way it was written easy to understand and comprehensive After reading I am convinced I can install solar modules by myself and will hire electrician to finish connection Should save me around 10000 from lowest bid I got Well worth the price and effort to read. A very well written book on solar panels, systems, installation,layouts, on grid systems and off grid systems, excellent information from start to finish, very well illustrated, very good read and it all on one of the bestat a great wordexcellentDo not buy the book SOLAR power your home for DUMMIES no useful information for solar panel installation Burdick And Schmidt Cut Through The Jargon, Electrical Codes, And Potential Pitfalls To Help Anyone Interested In Solar Power To Do It Themselves Safely, Economically, And Effectively Dan Fink, Professor In Solar Energy Technology, Ecotech InstituteExplains Solar Energy With Expertise, Joy, And Aplomb Tim Olsen, President, Advanced Energy Systems LLCMake Your Savings Shine This Fully Illustrated Step By Step Guide Provides The Essential Advice You Need To Successfully Install Your Own Solar Array And By Doing It Yourself, You Ll Recoup Your Initial Investment Faster Than Ever Solar Professional Joseph Burdick And Veteran Builder Philip Schmidt Take You All The Way From Assessing Your Site, Designing Your System, And Getting A Permit To Shopping For Parts And Installing The Modules You Ll Use The Same Thorough Process That The Pros Do, Find Answers To All Your Questions, And Set Up A Complete System For A Fraction Of The Cost

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