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The Wicked Boy Very interesting with thorough research throughout I sometimes got a bit bored reading this, however, as there was a lot of very unnecessary information and explanation, particularly about people who weren t really involved with the murder A lot of this information was interesting and gave a better idea of life at the time, however some of it was useless and served no purpose in explaining the murder or individuals involvement in it I think this book depicts the Victorian era and the whole setting in a very believable way I would recommend this, and the book does try to explain why the murder occurred though many are saying that it doesn t give great insight, I feel the author has looked into every possible explanation and done a good job in doing so. Early In The Morning Of Monday, July , Year Old Robert Coombes And His Year Old Brother, Nattie, Set Out From Their Small, Yellow Brick Terraced House In East London To Watch A Cricket Match At Lord S Their Father Had Gone To Sea The Previous Friday, The Boys Told Their Neighbours, And Their Mother Was Visiting Her Family In Liverpool Over The Next Days, Robert And Nattie Spent Extravagantly, Pawning Their Parents Valuables To Fund Trips To The Theatre And The Seaside But As The Sun Beat Down On The Coombes House, A Strange Smell Began To Emanate From The Building When The Police Were Finally Called To Investigate, The Discovery They Made Sent The Press Into A Frenzy Of Horror And Alarm, And Robert And Nattie Were Swept Up In A Criminal Trial That Echoed The Outrageous Plots Of The Penny Dreadful Novels That Robert Loved To Read In The Wicked Boy, Kate Summerscale Has Uncovered A Fascinating True Story Of Murder And Morality It Is Not Just A Meticulous Examination Of A Shocking Victorian Case But Also A Compelling Account Of Its Aftermath And Of Man S Capacity To Overcome The Past A fascinating and strangely life affirming true story of a boy who murdered his mother in Plaistow, London in 1895 and then went off to Lords to watch the cricket.Robert Coombes was an intelligent 13 year old, who was found guilty but insane and sent to Broadmoor, which seems to have been a remarkably enlightened and caring institution Released in 1912 he emigrated to Australia before joining up at the start of WW1 As a talented musician he became a bandsman and, like all bandsmen, a stretcher bearer He saved many lives and survived the war Back in Australia he lived a respectable, bachelor life as a smallholder and devotedly cared for a boy who d been abused by his stepfather.What was the family trauma that drove him to murder his mother How did Broadmoor help him turn his life around This brilliant book just records what happened and refuses to provide the definitive answer, which keeps you thinking. Several reviewers have said that the amount of detail in this book, particularly that regarding characters other than Robert Coombes himself, is extraneous, but in my view, the author is instead giving us as full a picture as possible about the life, times and people surrounding the events that took place It is this very detail which gives depth and and all surrounding view of the story.Ms Summerscale s passages about the conditions experienced by Australian soldiers during the First World War vividly bring many of its horrors to life in a most accomplished way I learned quite a lot.This a very well researched and extremely well written book about an intriguing and complex man every bit as gripping from start to finish as any novel I ve ever read and I recommend it most highly. It is certainly an interesting story, but unfortunately the book leaves you with questions than answers Neither of the two boys is analyzed very well, and we never really understand the true motive here Also, Kate Summerscale tends to include a lot of superfluous details in this book, which was true in her other famous book, The Suspicions of Mr Whitcher While some is of course necessary to set the book in historical context and give it some greater meaning than just the murder itself, she often includes many quotes and details that go beyond what is needed and can drag the book down a bit Although, I felt a bit unsatisfied with the story in the end, her last chapter is intriguing and quite moving although, again, filled with so much detail that was extraneous that I wanted to skim through many parts The book reads well and I read it in less than 24 hours It really is a page turner, but you ll probably want to do your own research on the crime and see if you can come up with answers.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Wicked Boy book, this is one of the most wanted Kate Summerscale author readers around the world.

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