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Who Rules the World?: Reframings I m only one third through reading It s good to send me to sleep definitely not a page turner But if you are interested in global politics you will be enlightened It s bound to be USA oriented because of the writer Although I do find Chomsky dense reading, he does fantastic research and I trust him So far I have already been enlightened about important political world events, so I am pleased to read the book I m a big Chomsky fan from his linguistic theories studied at university and feel I cannot be disappointed by his logical conclusions. Penguin Presents The Unabridged Downloadable Audiobook Edition Of Who Rules The Worldby Noam Chomsky, Read By Brian Jones Internationally Renowned Political Commentator Noam Chomsky Examines America S Pursuit And Exercise Of Power In A Post World Noam Chomsky Is The World S Foremost Intellectual Activist Over The Last Half Century, No One Has Done To Question The Great Global Powers Who Govern Our Lives, Forensically Scrutinizing Policies And Actions, Calling Our Politicians, Institutions And Media To Account The Culmination Of Years Of Work, Who Rules The Worldis Chomsky S Definitive Intellectual Investigation Into The Major Issues Of Our Times From The Dark History Of The US And Cuba To China S Global Rise, From Torture Memos To Sanctions On Iran, Chomsky Explores How America S Talk Of Freedom And Human Rights Is Often At Odds With Its Actions Delving Deep Into The Conflicts In Iraq, Afghanistan And Israel Palestine, He Provides Nuanced, Surprising Insights Into The Workings Of Modern Day Imperial Power The World S Political And Financial Elite Have Become Ever Insulated From Democratic Constraints On Their Actions Chomsky Shines A Powerful Light On This Inconvenient Truth With Climate Change And Nuclear Proliferation Threatening The Survival Of Our Civilization, The Message Has Never Been Pertinent Or Urgent The Need For An Engaged And Active Public To Steer The World Away From Disaster Grows Ever Greater Fiercely Outspoken And Rigorously Argued, Who Rules The Worldis An Indispensable Guide To How Things Really Are From The Lone Authoritative Voice Courageous And Clear Sighted Enough To Tell Us The Truth A necessary read for anyone who doesn t already know a lot of the background behind US foreign policy and how that has led to the current issues in Palestine, North Korea, Iran etc. If everyone understood what Chomsky has been saying for years the world would be a better place Bare faced facts. Highly informative, extremely well referenced and consequently, deeply disturbing A book I shall no doubt return to for further contemplation and reflection. I found this book very insightful Written in a very fluid language, easy to read and understand It gave me details and facts about world events of the last few decades, far logically acceptable and sensible than what is offered by mainstream traditional media available today I also found it much less conspiratorial and facts driven than other genre like books Definitely recommend it I gave this book five stars because of its huge importance as a critical look at the impact of global America dominated politics on the most crucial issues of our time Chomsky steps away from the West centric stance to examine the reality of political dominance from a global perspective The result is a huge wake up call.My one criticism would be that he seems to meander across his subject somewhat, without clearly signposting his approach But stay with him This is a book full of hugely important observations. I know chomsky primarily through his studies on linguistics However I ve become increasingly aware of his political work as I ve become political myself.As I m somewhere in the progressive Liberal end of the spectrum, a social Democrat, I came to this expecting to find a lot to like I expected I would disagree somewhat with placing the ills of the world solely at the feet of western foreign policy which I d gathered from chomsky s public speaking However, what I didn t expect was this book to be so unfocused and close to unreadable.The first three chapters of this book and the introduction are an absolute chore to read They re a confusing maelstrom of repetition, contextless references and what seems to me cherry picking of facts Chomsky may be right in what he says but he doesn t say it well I have little familiarity with many of the things he talks about but I didn t feel any familiar with them by the time he d finished He seems to paint enemies of the state as saints without really exploring the evidence.By the end of the third chapter I d given up and it s back on my shelf I read a bit of the fourth and it seemed like an improvement with a lucid prose style but I ve lost the will to continue I might give it another go at some point.

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