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The Last Dive: A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths Chris And Chrissy Rouse, An Experienced Father And Son Scuba Diving Team, Hoped To Achieve Widespread Recognition For Their Outstanding But Controversial Diving Skills Obsessed And Ambitious, They Sought To Solve The Secrets Of A Mysterious, Undocumented World War II German U Boat That Lay Under Feet Of Water, Only A Half Day S Mission From New York Harbor In Doing So They Paid The Ultimate Price In Their Quest For Fame Bernie Chowdhury, Himself An Expert Diver And A Close Friend Of The Rouses, Explores The Thrill Seeking World Of Deep Sea Diving, Including Its Legendary Figures, Most Celebrated Triumphs, And Gruesome Tragedies By Examining The Diver S Psychology Through The Complex Father And Son Dynamic, Chowdhury Illuminates The Extreme Sport Diver S Push Toward And Sometimes Beyond The Limits Of Human Endurance A well written tale which manages to combine the excitement of treasure hunting, with the pressure of the deep and the fear of being out of control.I read Shadow Divers some time back, but this book really gets across the scare factor of deep diving and risk taking It is on one, obvious level, a tragic story but, on another, the writer clearly gets the reader to understand the emotional connection with this most demanding of pastimes.Instantly engaging, even if some of the characters are people I would probably not have got along with, and an amazingly powerful story.A great read, but not for the claustrophobic. Without taking anything away from Chowdhury s expertise and experiences as diver, he has reached levels most of us will never get near the book for me drags and is a quite frustrating read at times.The crux of the book is sold as the fatal last dive of the Rouses However, the book is far too long and drawn out for the content Chowdhury doesn t reach the fatal dive until almost the last chapter and then it is scimmed over quickly Hence the most dramatic aspect of the book is over very quickly leaving you, without sounding morbid , feeling somewhat sort changed Maybe it was out of respect for the dead but why write a book advertised around their fatal last dive and then barely touch the subject Chowdbury would have been better writing a magazine article if he had wanted to focus on just that fateful dive keeping it short and too the point Or advertise his book as an exploration into the diving community and it experimentation in new techniques during the late 80 s early 90 s He simply doesn t have enough material and your left with pages and pages of rather boring fleshing out It may as well be an autobiography on both himself and the Rouse s which is interesting at times but is not why I bought the book.As another reviewer mentioned there is so much irrelevant information and bizarre tangents in an attempt to flesh out the book I m reading a book on diving I don t wish to know about his fathers career as a scientist etc The are huge areas of repetition on dive tables, gas effects under pressure, how decompression sickness occurs, once I ve read it once I ve got it, I became frustrated when such information appears again and again and goes on for pages I landed up skipping through huge chunks as I d read it all before in the previous chapter.The writing is very melodramatic and over the top at times Using war zone analogies with reference to deep diving I found both cringing and quite insulting is merely one example I understand it is a very extreme sport and takes a strong minded individual to dive the way these men and woman do but the constant descriptive glorification regarding them is both cheesy and unnecessary.Sadly, with his overly dramatic references and long winded writing style I feel Chowdbury has missed the mark with this book Although, if your after a sort of semi autobiography and the challenges of pioneering tech diving it might be up your street.Philip Finch s Raising the Dead about Dave Shaw s final dive, is a fantastic example of a book written around what some would deem a relatively short piece of subject matter It is informative, cohesive, gripping and to the point about diving to much greater depths without any glorification or melodrama If your after a non fiction thriller on diving you literally can t put down look no further. A book which told the story of the Rouse family with all the good and bad bits It opened up my eyes to the world of deep water scuba diving as it was in the early 90 s and just after, the lengths and danger some people will go to in a bid to fur fill the dreams, which in many cause they sadly paid for with their lives.This is a really good book which, once I started to read found it very difficult to put down

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