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Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek Fascinating must have for any New Testament Brit Hadashah readers studiersGreek is a very precise language has affected English with great impact Therefore, study Greek with me Because the original languages that the Bible was written in speaks loudly than English, no matter the dozens of versions it comes in This helps you read the Septuagint LXX that was THE Scriptures that Jesus the apostles read grew up on, quoted from This makes the black white letters words come off the page into living form, befitting its relevance to any year of the calender. I bought this book after reading Dr P.C Comminos review This is a gem of a little book Here s how it s set up list words by their frequency from 500 occurances all the way down to 10 , words classified according to their root, ino european family of languages helps you see the big picture , prepositions in composition with verbs, principal parts of important verbs, feminine nouns of the second declension, and an index of greek words Yes I got that from the table of contents.Total length of this book is 100 pages It is inexpensive and comprehensive for it s size A superior product given that it is only 100 pages You can get this book for under ten dollars There are few purchases that qualify as No brainers in my humble opinion This is one of those NO BRAINERS As a side note if your learning greek you should check out Dr PC Commino s profile I have found it very informative, and have never been steered wrong by him. As the other reviewers have noted, it s a great book.I can read the English, but the Greek is not readable in the font used, even with glasses on. This was for years the standard for learning Greek Vocab The frequency list contains all words occurring than 10x It is surpassed in my opinion only be Trechard s vocab book Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament I actually would recommend both, as Metzger s books is very thin and can be taken virtually anywhere It is a great help in learning Greek vocab especially when accompanied with Bill Mounce s vocabulary flash cards.In light of Trenchard s book, I do not believe that this book is obsolete It serves it purpose, which is to help learn the gloss definitions of the words If you are looking for fuller definitions, for example in 2nd year and beyond, then turn to Trenchard s helpful book. I require this book for intermediate and advanced New Testament Greek courses The first section is very similar to vocab you ll find in Mounce or other beginner Greek textbooks The strength of Metzger s little book, though, is the section on roots Once students get the hang of identifying the root of a word, their translating and comprehension will accelerate The section on roots is worth the price. Bruce M Metzger Is The George L Collord Professor Of New Testament Language And Literature Emeritus At Princeton Theological Seminary A Past President Of The Society Of Biblical Literature And The Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, He Has Made Valuable Contributions To The Areas Of Textual Criticism, Philology, Paleography, And Translation

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