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Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying Its Strength Is Its Simplicity Richard Lloyd Parry The Times All Hail The New Decluttering Queen Marie Kondo, Whose Mess Busting Bestseller Has Prompted A Craze For Tidying In Homes Across The World One Proper Clear Out Is All You Need For The Rest Of Your Life Good Housekeeping Do I Love It If Not, Chuck It Marie Kondo Promises That By Following Her KonMari Method I Will Be A Neatnik, Forever I Decide The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Will Become My Bible Brigid Moss Red Magazine It Is Enough To Salute Kondo For Her Recognition Of Something Quietly Profound That Mess Is Often About Unhappiness, And That The Right Kind Of Tidying Can Be A Kind Of Psychotherapy For The Home As Well As For The People In It The Times The Tidiness Regimen Prescribed By Japanese Author Marie Kondo Is A Great Idea Its So Great That Maybe We Need To Expand Its Reach Guardian Spark Joy Is The Illustrated Masterclass Of Tidying From The Bestselling Global Phenomenon Marie Kondo Now In Paperback

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    As a fan of the first Marie Kondo book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, the most intriguing thing is the reference to folding This book opens the drawer and the door on folding and organising your things.Spark Joy the question you ask when you touch or hold your possessions and determine whether y

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    This book has turned my life around Be prepared to sort out your stuff I gave over half my house to charity and felt so good about it Marie Kondo is sensational and this book will help you let go of the things in your life that you don t need although I was a little surprised to read that one of her cl

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    Only 3 weeks in and already feeling the difference this is making to my life , I m only doing it at weekend as I work full time but I m plugging away and have got rid of so much stuff that I have kept and walked past everyday why Looking forward to finishing ,housework becoming easier ,decorating ,enjoy

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    I loved the cover and handy bookmark, and sweet illustrations The author is clearly passionate about her subject Working through her book enables you to reconnect with your home and belongings Whilst some ideas didn t work for me I prefer to hang all my tops as I don t have time to iron a top every morni

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    I thought that I didn t need to read Marie Kondo s first book Then I thought I didn t need to read her second How wrong I was She s not to everyone s taste, but if tidying gives you a sense of control in a world full of chaos, then I can t recommend these books highly enough.

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    I m already minimalist but love decluttering and making my house beautiful, this book taught me to surround myself in items that bring me joy and happiness and I m finally happy with the way my home flows Marie teaches you strategies that really work, highly recommend reading her first book before this one

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    I was very cynical about this book before I started to read it, but to my surprise I was enchanted I want some of that joy, and have already started folding stuff and taking great satisfaction in the act Not so much a book about tidying, and a philosophy for life.

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    You don t realise there can be a science to tidying until you read this book It is very clever that marie kondo says that you have to tidy clothes first then books papers komonobthen sentimental items so that when you get to the hardest ultimate category you will be most prepein the skill of knowing what to

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