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Shoot Like Scorsese: The Visual Secrets of Shock, Elegance, and Extreme Character Gift for 16 year old grandson He reported liking Christopher Kenworthy comes through again with his three book Shoot Like series of filmmaking books The three books are Shoot Like Spielberg , Shoot Like Tarantino , and Shoot Like Scorsese Each book is 144 pages and loaded with information to make you a better filmmaker.Each chapter of each book hones in on a certain technique such as Raising Tension , Symbolism of Height , Revealing the Villain among dozens of others Each technique is broken down using a scene from one of the movies the director has made For example Chapter 10 of the Shoot Like Tarantino book is called Group Conversations It teaches you a method of how Tarantino shoots a group conversation using a scene from Pulp Fiction There are stills from the move put in order to correspond with the text of the book so you fully understand what is being taught to you It is recommended that you also watch the scene from a DVD or your online library so that you can comprehend and see the camera moves and techniques in action.Kenworthy recommends that you watch the entire film first as there are spoilers in the book It s a great excuse to go out a buy yourself some films for your movie library too Ohhdid I say that out loud.Seriously though, having copies of each film or at least the one you are studying will help you immensely.If you are working on a film and you can t afford the entire series, I suggest looking at the chapter list of each book and purchase just the book or books that you need to help you make your film Maybe your film is purely in the style of Spielberg If it is just get that one and study Steven Spielberg films with the book by your side A nice collection of books that I can envision as one big book someday That would make it easier for us folks who can t make decisions You can t go wrong with anything Kenworthy writes His books are always thoughtful, in depth and easy to understand They are written to help make an average filmmaker an extraordinary one Get the book or books and then get busy making your movie Don t tell your filmmaking friends that you have these books though They will be your secret copy supplied by MWP valuable information Interesting but short Martin Scorsese Directs Films That Range From The Subtlest Studies Of Relationships To Violent Gangster Movies, With Characters Who Are Driven To The Extremes Of Their Personality This Book Looks At Scorseses Key Techniques, Showing How He Uses Space, Framing, And A Strong Sense Of Direction, To En Sure That Your Films Are Brimming With Tension, Shock, And Emotion

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