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The Brain: The Story of You This book is a great way to access a difficult subject, bridging the gap between the colloquial and the academic You don t need any prior knowledge to understand it There is some fascinating details, facts and research presented in plain English A few people have said this is very similar to Incognito, which I haven t read yet, so some caution might need to be exercised before buying both, but if you re new to this area or curious, then this is a great place to start. This is an excellent book of interest to everyone who has a brain It is the book of the TV series and follows it pretty closely although the TV series was also excellent Of particular interest to everyone, especially now, is chapter 5 Episode 5 where Eagleman reprises one of those seminal experiments which gives deep insight into our behaviour In essence he exposes the core mechanism which leads to the collapse of empathy and the beginning of fascistic thinking If the lessons of that chapter were widely understood our behaviour to each other would be moderated quite differently Certainly compulsory reading for all politicians and would be politicians for a start.The book and series also gives insights this reader was only generally aware of, and had never seen written down, about how fragile our perception of our surroundings actually is We build models in our heads and only update it with the deltas our senses sense But if we somehow interfere with the model in other ways then entirely hallucinatory effects can be produced As Eagleman points out our perception of colour is quite arbitrary Reality isn t necessarily like that and its all a matter of how you interpret what your senses give you.We are ca walking mass of illusions about ourselves What we sense and what we are, are two different things altogether Likewise what we perceive and what is A salutary lesson, in fact six or salutary lessons, for all owners. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative book Other books on the human brain have been interesting and informative, but sometimes hard work Not David Eagleman s book though He writes with such enthusiasm, making the latest understanding of the brain so relevant to our everyday lives and experiences This book of how the brain works is a great read and highly recommended.I have not watched the TV series, but I still found this book fascinating and informative, covering topics as wide ranging as the criminal justice system, facial expressions, artificial intelligence and the search for immortality.And Eagleman addresses fundamental philosophical questions such as what is reality, why you need other people and who you are The final chapter looks at the possible longer term future of humanity and how our brains might evolve with robotic control of machines and even direct connections between the brain and the internet. What a fabulous book David makes psychology really interesting and accessible for all I study psychology and it s an incredibly complex area, and reading academic papers can be hard work so an academic who can make this area of research so easy to understand is a god send Highly recommend. An amazing book, delving into neuroscience Informative, witty, and written in a way that is by no means patronising, but not inaccessible or too academic either. I thoroughly enjoyed this clearly explained account of how the brain works, how we receive and process information, and what makes us sentient beings The exploration towards the end of the book of the possibilities for artificial intelligence and brain immortality were a little harder to follow, but worth making the effort.The book itself is a sensory pleasure beautifully illustrated, printed on high quality paper a lovely thing in itself as well as a very informative and stimulating read I just wish it had been rather longer its only around 200 pages long and many of these are full of illustrations I would have liked to learn I am very new to the brain but I m exploring the concept of memory so this book was ideal to learn the basics in how the brain functions It is an easy book to understand and holds your attention If you are like me and find the use of academic text difficult to retain then this is the book for you. This Is The Story Of How Your Life Shapes Your Brain And How Your Brain Shapes Your Life Locked In The Silence And Darkness Of Your Skull, The Brain Fashions The Rich Narratives Of Your Reality And Your Identity Join Renowned Neuroscientist David Eagleman For A Journey Into The Questions At The Heart Of Our Existence What Is Reality Who Are You How Do You Make Decisions Why Does Your Brain Need Other People How Is Technology Poised To Change What It Means To Be Human In The Course Of His Investigations, Eagleman Guides Us Through The World Of Extreme Sports, Criminal Justice, Facial Expressions, Genocide, Brain Surgery, Gut Feelings, Robotics, And The Search For Immortality Strap In For A Whistle Stop Tour Into The Inner Cosmos In The Infinitely Dense Tangle Of Billions Of Brain Cells And Their Trillions Of Connections, Something Emerges That You Might Not Have Expected To See In There You

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