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My Rock; My Refuge: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms (US title: The Songs of Jesus) In A Year Of Daily Devotions In The Psalms My Rock My Refuge Hodder And Stoughton, Hardback, Founder Of Redeemer Presbyterian Church In Man Hattan, USA, Timothy Keller, With Kathy Keller, Has Adapted The Psalms What Martin Luther Dubbed A Mini Bible Into Daily Readings While The Author Accepts That The Psalms Are The Divinely Inspired Devotional Book, He Maintains That Most Readers Need The Help Of A Guide, If Only On An Initial Reading, And So Each Daily Quotation From A Psalm Is Accompanied By A Reflection And A Prayer Five Pages Of Notes List The Many Sources Drawn Upon For This Supporting Material, Including C S Lewis, George Herbert, John Newton And Charles Wesley The Methodist Recorder Each Devotion Is For A Specific Date A Passage From A Psalm Is Printed In Full, Followed By A Brief Meditation Readers Of The Book Are Advised To Use It To Prompt Their Keeping Of A Daily Prayer Journal The Church Times Here Is A Daily Devotional Book Which Will Undoubtedly Widen The Horizons And The Hopes Of Readers, Through Some Of The Finest Religious Poetry Which Is What The Psalms Are Ever Written, A Pinnacle Of Jewish Worship Which All Christians Can Share The Irish Catholic Timothy Specialises In Connecting The Ancient Truths Of The Bible With Our Everyday Issues This Would Be An Excellent Gift For Someone Who Is Drawn To The Poetic Books Of The Bible Or For Those Who Seek Some Routine In Their Time With God Each Day IBelieve Magazine Every Day There Are Five Or Six Verses Of A Psalm, Followed By A Comment And A Prayer It Could Be A Useful Tool For Family Prayers Ministry Today I Am A Sucker For Books Like This Something To Keep Me On The Biblical Straight And NarrowI Love This Book Reflections Magazine The Book Was The Main Cover Of The Magazine And Was The Featured Book For The Publication CLC World Short, Insightful Devotions, Packed With Wisdom And Practical Application A Good Daily Diet Together MagazinePaperback Edition Of The Book New York Times Bestselling Author Timothy Keller S Readers Have Been Asking For A Year Long Daily Devotional Published In The US As The Songs Of Jesus

About the Author: Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller is senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan He is renowned for his clear, reasoned approach to Christian apologetics and his book THE REASON FOR GOD BELIEF IN AN AGE OF SKEPTICISM was named Book of the Year for 2008 by World Magazine.

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