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The Islamic Antichrist Debunked: A Comprehensive Critique of the Muslim Antichrist Theory (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Chris White, Chris White, CWM Publishing: Audible Audiobooks This is a very informative and well written book I would recommend it highly It points out how easily one might jump to the wrong conclusion on some matters. Some good textual points scored, as well as a timely caution not to over rely upon Islamic sources to explain BIBLICAL end time prophecy But the fact that White relegates to APPENDICES the major points of his own view a Jewish Antichrist, and the Gog Magog war happening AFTER the Millennial Kingdom tells me there is no truly coherent view of end time prophecy being given here His treatment of Micah 5, the Mark of the Beast, his poetic understanding of Babylon by the Sea, and his hard distinction between king and kingdom in discussing the Seven headed Beast are idiosyncratic interpretations shared by few other scholars Too much special pleading here Never Before Has Such A Complete Refutation Of The Islamic Antichrist Theory Been In Audio Chris White Critiques All The Major Arguments From Islamic Antichrist Proponents Such As Joel Richardson And Walid Shoebat In A Respectful But Poignant Way He Uses Sound Methods Of Biblical Interpretation To Show That The Islamic Antichrist Theory Is Seriously Flawed This Book Refutes All The Major Arguments For The Islamic Antichrist Theory And Reveals New Discoveries About The Origins Of Islamic End Times Beliefs Which Call Into Question Claims Of Islamic Antichrist Theorists Concerning The Supposed Similarities Of Figures Like The Mahdi And The Antichrist, Isa And The False Prophet, And The Dajjal And Jesus You Will Never See The Islamic Antichrist Theory The Same Way Again It is an inconsistent book I went into it favoring the prewrath or post trib positions, and while I was not fully convinced of Islamic Anti Christ positions IAC for short , did favor them.In some chapters, I agree with the author s points, and thought he presented them well.One chapter on the mark of the beast I had already read almost word for word in two pro IAC books It seems that IAC in general has dropped a speculative interpretation of 666 as Arabic letters I guess he hadn t read those.But in half a dozen places he protests against giving his own view, and then does it anyway because it must be true Other places he admits his idea is pure speculation, but it must be true, since he likes it better And in others points out that his side has majority backing, so must be true As if majority backing equals truth wasn t the great majority viewpoint that the Messiah must be coming as a conquering king, not as one suffering death for our sins back in the first century Jesus was very nearly alone on this point guess who was right He also is totally wrong about the make up of the Roman army Vespasian and Titus lead While the early Roman Republic did have only citizen soldiers, that was long past By this time units had dropped in size to centuries of 80 men, and legions of 4800 soldiers plus officers More legions, but smaller and maneuverable While most officers were citizens, few soldiers were Non citizen provincials served 16 years in legions named for the country the were formed at to get citizenship and other goodies at honorable discharge When a foreigner earned his way up the ranks to officer, he was expected to buy his citizenship See Acts 22 23 29, or any of dozens of books on the Roman Army.He also had a silly reason for beheadings Couldn t be because Islam beheads at the drop of a hat Or a head It must be because you can t die any other way during the entire Tribulation Great Tribulation era An era famous for people dying literally by the hundreds of millions and even billions by all kinds of means He also has Christians beheaded by the hundred million even though they were pre trib raptured.So all in all he raised or repeats weaknesses in the IAC theory, but comes across as just as weak if not weaker. Good to read if you are fan of Joel Richardson Brings an alternative view point Mind you even this author appears to get it wrong Interpreting Daniel is hard to get right Would be good to know how our Lord looked at Daniel What I like about Joel is how he makes current Middle East situation make sense with prophecy, not trying to manufacture things. I agree wholeheartedly with Nelson Walters review of this book He does credit White s thinking outside the box and also his ability as a writer but some scriptures are stretched to fit his preconceptions The book is interesting but Shoebat and Richardson have looked at this from an Eastern perspective which I find of equal interest I was somewhat disappointed in this book but it was thought provoking and worth the read. My first introduction to the Islamic anti Christ theory came while I was sitting cross legged in a cramped dark closet working on water heater whose lower element burned out I m a plumber by trade, and I still remember the day many years ago when my customer, an older gentleman I ll call Mr M, explained some of the highlights of the theory to me.I ve loved the study of Bible prophecy since my teenage years and frankly I was skeptical of Mr M s claims After nearly a decade I still have reservations about the theory but admittedly there have been certain aspect of the theory which have been hard to dismiss.So enter Chris White s latest book Islamic AntiChrist Debunked Okay, I must admit right up front, book title s with the word Debunked in them bug me They come across with just a touch of arrogance which seems to say I have all the answers and case is closed Don t get me wrong I don t have any problem challenging any theory or doctrine I think has strayed from its Biblical context, and I ve done so many times over the years I just don t think any of us have it all figured out and as such the subject of Bible prophecy should be approached with a great measure of humility Each time I ve strayed from this approach it has come back to bite me big time.With that out of the way, I would say Mr White s book is a valuable counterbalance to the growing consensus that Islam is the religious system of the coming Anti Christ Here is what I thought were a few of the books highlights 1.One of the most fascinating aspects of Mr White s book was his comparison of early Christian extra Biblical apocalyptic text and the rise of Islamic eschatology as expressed in the hadiths This subject definite bears further study.2 I thought Mr White s thoughts on the Gog Magog invasion added to the subject and offered a unique perceptive, which in part, answers some of the objections I ve had to several of the popular theories on the subject.3 His chapter on the Mark of the Beast 666 and it s relationship to the Islamic phrase in the name of Allah raised some great questions about the credibility of this aspect of the theory.There were also several aspects of the book with which I disagree.1 Mr White s reliance on Daniel 9 as a means to challenge the Islamic Anti Christ theory undermines the credibility of his argument His own theory of Daniel 9 rests on a foundation as erroneous or so than anything Islamic theory he tries to debunk in this book Using a theory which itself is erroneous to debunk another person s errors only complicates the issue and compounds the error.2 I have a hard time agreeing with Mr Whites view that the prophecy of Daniel 2 finds its fulfillment in Roman empire of the first century Though I do agree the genesis of the Kingdom of God began at Calvary, as of yet I don t see how it has destroyed the final form of that image I could be wrong on this but I just don t agree with this view In summary I appreciated reading this book by Christ White and I would recommend to those who like to look at the subject of Bible prophecy from all perspectives This is a subject which deserves a Berean s consideration. Chris thinking is always clear and to the point Preparing for my own discussion with Joel Richardson, it was very helpful I disagree with Chris regarding the nature of the Gog Magog war Christ sees at after the Millennium as does scholar Michael Heiser but his viewpoint is always well reasoned and backed by a biblical perspective His examination of the Last Roman Emperor was brilliant and enlightening What I did not come away with with a complete statement of what Chris believes is the alternative view on the identity of the Antichrist, from which set of nations he draws his power, and how he fulfills biblical prophecy better than the Islamic Antichrist theory Still, a very useful book Well done Chris. Chris White has done an exceptionally good job of exposing the deception of the Islamic Antichrist theory After reading this book, you will be shocked and bewildered as to how this theory has become as prominent as it has I have read a plethora of books on eschatology, but this one, along with the authors other books, are by far the best Chris has an amazing God given ability to make complex theology clear, concise, and simple I highly recommend this book and this author to you. Chris White is with his comprehensive approach in this book closer to the thruth than alot of people might think regarding the future.I can just praise his effort to balance the topic out.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Islamic Antichrist Debunked: A Comprehensive Critique of the Muslim Antichrist Theory (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Chris White, Chris White, CWM Publishing: Audible Audiobooks book, this is one of the most wanted Chris White author readers around the world.

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