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The Rusty Nut Bible: How to undo seized, damaged or broken nuts, bolts, studs and screws. Read this comprehensive guide to getting that complete b of a bolt , nut or screw undone Tackling the offending item using the methods advocated, in the right order, might just save you a huge bill There s a chance you ll have tried one or two of the methods before but this is a comprehensive review of an oft overlooked subject written in a sensible but not dry manner Should be recommended reading for students of mechanical engineering The Cheapest Parts For Vehicles, Bikes, Boats And Buildings Are The Ones You Can Reuse But One Stubborn Bolt Or Screw Can Be A Disaster The Three Most Common Bits Of Advice Are Heat It Until It Glows Red, Use A Longer Spanner And Use A Grinder All Of Them Might Work But They All Risk Damaging The Part, The Building Or Vehicle Under Repair, And Possibly Even You We Ve Designed A Simple, Effective, Step Freeing System To Preserve Expensive, Rare, Or Irreplaceable Parts Protect Existing Structures From Brute Force Damage Minimise Collateral Damage And The Risk Of Injury Save Time Waiting For Replacement Parts Save Money On Parts And LabourWe Also Cover What To Do If Things Have Already Gone Wrong Handling Head Damage External Drive Heads Hex, Bihex, Square, Etc Internal Drive Heads Allen, Torx, Spline, Etc Handling Thread Damage External Shaft Thread Repair And ReplacementInternal Bore Thread Refurbishment And Repair HandlingSheared Or Snapped Shafts Protruding Stump ExtractionFlush With Surface Extraction Or Removal Extensive Appendices On Basic ToolsSpecialist ToolsPersonal Protective Equipment PPE The Six Simple MachinesEXTENSIVELY UPDATEDNEW Web Link ResourceImproved ReadabilityEnhanced DiagramsTriple Jump Chapter IndexingThe Hazards Of Internet Wisdom Heat It, Use A Longer Spanner, Grind It OffHeat Works Well For A Nut On A Bolt Because The Nut Circumference Expands, Making The Hole Bigger It Also Disrupts The Rust Crystals But What About A Bolt Seized In A Bigger Item Like A Brake Caliper Expanding The Bolt Will Disrupt The Rust A Bit, But That S About It, The Bore Won T Get Bigger Some Items Are Designed To Act As A Heatsink To Keep The Things Cool You Ll Need A Very Powerful, Danergous Heat SourceAll This Assumes There Aren T Inflammable Liquids, Flexible Hoses Or Painted Surfaces Nearby But Vehicles Are Awash With Flammable Liquids And Tend To Have Flexible Hoses In The Very Places Most Likely To Get Rusty Brakes, Exhausts And Transmission Components Buildings Always Have Varnished, Painted Surfaces And Even Plastics EverywhereLonger Spanner This Is The Least Likely To Work It Usually Ends One Of Two Ways Rounding Off At Least Two Corners Of The Nut Or Bolt Head, Or Shearing The Bolt Shaft This Assumes You Even Have Room For A Huge Lever Or A Small Lever With A Length Of Tubing Threaded Onto It And A Heavy Friend Hanging Off It Grinder The Nuclear Option You Accept You Ll Have Ground Off Bolt Stump To Extract, Possibly Paintwork To Repair, And You Grind The Nut Or Bolt Head Off As With The Long Spanner This Assumes You Have Enough Space For A Large Spinning Disk Next To The Bolt Also, Showers Of Sparks And Hot Metal Aren T A Great Combination With Flammable Liquids In Cramped Spaces You May Find Yourself Unable To Slide The Assembly Off The Stump Without Fouling On Something Else You Could Have Spotted That Earlier, But When You Re Frustrated Enough To Reach This Point, You Generally Don T A great book for those who do a lot of messing around in the garden or garage There are lots of tools and techniques I didn t even know existed which could have saved a bundle of cash in the past I ve replaced garden furniture, hobby equipment etc in the past because of rusted or corroded fasteners The garden strimmer is now working again thanks to one of these techniques getting the cover off the strimming wire assembly Highly recommended nicely written too. Found it very interesting and informative but decided to leave it to the experts On first opening the book I immediately found something I didn t know, after 60 years of spannering Recommend This is a well researched and comprehensive guide to undoing those pesky fixings that simply want to stay where they are The book is logically ordered and it is crammed with illustrations of both techniques and any required tools I particularly liked the tongue in cheek humour that pervades the volume Very good value. Having been an amateur mechanic all my adult life, I thought I knew everything there was know about freeing seized nuts bolts Not only was I wrong, but I seem to be lacking many of the tools that the author lists in detail and logical order The Rusty Nut Bible is packed with numerous rescue techniques, accompanied by wit and good humour I found a practical application within days of buying it, when a visiting friend had a puncture in the middle of nowhere and couldn t get the spare wheel out of her boot, due to a severely corroded bolt and floor Once I d removed and changed the wheel casually referring to the book in the process she asked me to take her in the bushes, then marry her the following day Overall, this is a very useful book, which should save much time, energy and many grazed knuckles I m giving it 4 stars, as it could do with some attention to the punctuation and layout. An excellent book that starts with the theory of why things work, or don t in many cases This work is very useful and helps you to understand why you may be causing problems for yourself Running through the whole book is safety, safety, safety The second half of the book covers a sliding scale of advice from the simple, non destructive tasks, through slightly destructive tasks to all out war on the stuck items There s excellent parts on tools, again from sockets at one end of the scale to clothing, tools and onto air compressor style hammers at the other end.

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