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Universalism the Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years (1899) (English Edition) From Inside The Book The Purpose Of This Book Is To Present Some Of The Evidence Of The Prevalence In The Early Centuries Of The Christian Church, Of The Doctrine Of The Final Holiness Of All Mankind The Author Has Endeavored To Give The Language Of The Early Christians, Rather Than To Paraphrase Their Words, Or State Their Sentiments In His Own Language He Has Also Somewhat Copiously Quoted The Statements Of Modern Scholars, Historians And Critics, Of All Sides Of Opinion, Instead Of Condensing Them With His Own PenAbout The Author John Wesley Hanson Was An American Universalist Minister And A Notable Universalist Historian Advancing The Claim That Universalism Was The Belief Of Early Christianity He Was Born At BostonHe Is Also Notable For His Eyewitness Accounts Of His Time As Chaplain To One Of The Unattached Companies Massachusetts Volunteer Militia During The American Civil War And For Publishing His Own New Testament Hanson S Edited New Testament , Which Was A Revision Of The English Revised Version With Baptism Changed For Immersion And Other ChangesIn He Arrived In Wentworth, New Hampshire As Universalist Minister In The S He Was Chaplain To The Sixth Regiment Of Massachusetts Volunteers In The S He Went As A Universalist Missionary To Britain, Becoming The Pastor Of St Paul S Universalist Church, Glasgow, Scotland He Then Became Minister Of The Universalist New Covenant Church Of Chicago, Where He Worked On His New TestamentHe Is Best Known For His History Arguing That Universalism Dominated Early Church Thought Before Augustine Universalism The Prevailing Doctrine Of The Christian Church Which Followed Universalist Hosea Ballou S Ancient History Of Universalism His View Of Early Church History Was Carried On By George T Knight However In Recent Years Hanson And Knight S Reading Of Church History Has Been ChallengedContents I The Earliest Creeds II Early Christianity A Cheerful Religion III Origin Of Endless Punishment IV Doctrines Of Mitigation And Reserve V Two Kindred Topics VI The Apostles Immediate Successors VII The Gnostic Sects VIII The Sibylline Oracles IX Pantaenus And Clement X Origen XI Origen Continued XII The Eulogists Of Origen XIII A Third Century Group XIV Minor Authorities XV Gregory Nazianzen XVI Theodore Of Mopsuestia And The Nestorians XVII A Notable Family XVIII Additional Authorities XIX The Deterioration Of Christian Thought XX Augustine Deterioration Continued XXI Unsuccessful Attempts To Suppress Universalism XXII The Eclipse Of Universalism XXIII Summary Of Conclusions

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