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Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible What Was Clear To The Original Readers Of Scripture Is Not Always Clear To Us Because Of The Cultural Distance Between The Biblical World And Our Contemporary Setting, We Often Bring Modern Western Biases To The Text For Example When Western Readers Hear Paul Exhorting Women To Dress Modestly , We Automatically Think In Terms Of Sexual Modesty But Most Women In That Culture Would Never Wear Racy Clothing The Context Suggests That Paul Is Likely Concerned About Economic Modesty That Christian Women Not Flaunt Their Wealth Through Expensive Clothes, Braided Hair, And Gold Jewelry Some Readers Might Assume That Moses Married Below Himself Because His Wife Was A Dark Skinned Cushite Actually, Hebrews Were The Slave Race, Not The Cushites, Who Were Highly Respected Aaron And Miriam Probably Thought Moses Was Being Presumptuous By Marrying Above Himself Western Individualism Leads Us To Assume That Mary And Joseph Traveled Alone To Bethlehem What Went Without Saying Was That They Were Likely Accompanied By A Large Entourage Of Extended Family Biblical Scholars Brandon O Brien And Randy Richards Shed Light On The Ways That Western Readers Often Misunderstand The Cultural Dynamics Of The Bible They Identify Nine Key Areas Where Modern Westerners Have Significantly Different Assumptions About What Might Be Going On In A Text Drawing On Their Own Cross Cultural Experience In Global Mission, O Brien And Richards Show How Better Self Awareness And Understanding Of Cultural Differences In Language, Time, And Social S Allow Us To See The Bible In Fresh And Unexpected Ways Getting Beyond Our Own Cultural Assumptions Is Increasingly Important For Being Christians In Our Interconnected And Globalized World Learn To Read Scripture As A Member Of The Global Body Of Christ

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    Excellent book Of course it cannot cover every verse in Scripture that Western eyes may misread, but it encourages the reader to think again when he reads the Bible and not just adopt the obvious view Some parts are truly eye opening when one realizes how far

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    This is a superb book for anyone who is seriously interested in studying the bible to discover what it really teaches It looks at all the context elements that can lead us to misread biblical passages It addresses the elements that go without being said , either for the

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    Wonderfully insightful and accessible read It speaks to and puts legs on my own long held suspicions that God s teaching and Leadings through His word is much much bigger than my own 20th 21st century western CHRISTIAN viewpoint I have loved being challenged to my core, to see a

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    Although mainly writeen for a United States audience, this is an important book and developes and balances the work of the Context Group by widenning the scope to include social reality as well as cultural trends.

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    We used this for a reading group It made some very good comparisons between reading scripture with eastern western understanding It showed the many misconceptions that missionaries have and how these can lead to upsets An easy read.

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    This book is eye opening it has helped me to identify the glasses through which I read the Bible, and to understand a bit about the culture of some of the original authors and readers of the Bible.

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    Arrived promptly in perfect condition Very easy to read and informative.

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    but makes you think

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