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How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth, Fourth Edition Understanding The Bible Isn T For The Few, The Gifted, The Scholarly The Bible Is Accessible It S Meant To Be Comprehended By Everyone From Armchair Listeners To Seminary Students A Few Essential Insights Into The Bible Can Clear Up A Lot Of Misconceptions And Help You Grasp The Meaning Of Scripture And Its Application To Your St Century Life More Than Three Quarters Of A Million People Have Turned To How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth To Inform Their Understanding Of The Bible This Fourth Edition Features Revisions That Keep Pace With Current Scholarship, Resources, And Culture Changes Include Updated Language Scripture References Now Appear At The End Of A Sentence Or Paragraph, Helping You Follow The Bible As You Would Any Book Without The Numbers A New Authors Preface Updated List Of Recommended Commentaries And Resources Covering Everything From Translational Concerns To Different Genres Of Biblical Writing How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth Is Used All Around The World In Clear, Simple Language, It Helps You Accurately Understand The Different Parts Of The Bible Their Meaning For Ancient Audiences And Their Implications For You Today So You Can Uncover The Inexhaustible Worth That Is In God S Word

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    This is a fantastic guide to how to read the bible both old and New Testament Probably not for beginners but people who want to be able to read and analyse the bible on their own in conjunction with commentaries it teaches you what you need to know in order to be able to study the bible independently It goes through the different genres i

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    A great book I read the first edition years ago and it was a great help The authors are scholarly teachers but have the gift of explaining concepts rigorously yet simply The first chapters on translations, historical distance etc are so helpful, and the grouping of different types of book and how to interpret them are outstanding Few people hav

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    An excellent book for those who already have a reasonable grounding in Christian theology but who wish to enrich their Bible studyThe book is well structured It sets out how to undertake Exegesis discover the original, intended meaning of the Bible to those it was originally written for and Hermeneutics how to apply that meaning to contemporary situ

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    Some good sections, but far too biased in opinion on the translation NIV that the authors themselves worked on, so at times it reads as a promotional work for the NIV.

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    Good for teaching the proper skills of exegesis Too many people think that bible interpretation is a matter of personal understanding instead of a science guided by the Holy Spirit.

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    Really good book Very good explanation, discussion and inputting reader to have knowledge of how to understand the bible But it is not quite easy to read, need to have patience to understand different terms and things Definitely it is to help reader to gain valuable knowledge.

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    Just updated to revision 4 Kindle version, as was so pleased with the earlier paperback version I have.

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    Good product Great book.

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