Read ✓ Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster By Edwin Lyman –

Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster The authors of this book have a clear anti nuclear agenda and are interested in converting people to that cause than telling the tale of what actually happened at Fukushima.The books starts well but after covering the week or so after the accident it becomes a discourse on what is wrong the nuclear regulation in the United States. On March An Earthquake Large Enough To Knock The Earth From Its Axis Sent A Massive Tsunami Speeding Toward The Japanese Coast And The Aging And Vulnerable Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Reactors Over The Following Weeks, The World Watched In Horror As A Natural Disaster Became A Man Made Catastrophe Fail Safes Failed, Cooling Systems Shut Down, Nuclear Rods Melted In The First Definitive Account Of The Fukushima Disaster, Two Leading Experts From The Union Of Concerned Scientists, David Lochbaum And Edwin Lyman, Team Up With Journalist Susan Q Stranahan, The Lead Reporter Of The Philadelphia Inquirer S Pulitzer Prizewinning Coverage Of The Three Mile Island Accident, To Tell This Harrowing Story Fukushima Combines A Fast Paced, Riveting Account Of The Tsunami And The Nuclear Emergency It Created With An Explanation Of The Science And Technology Behind The Meltdown As It Unfolded In Real Time The Narrative Also Extends To Other Severe Nuclear Accidents To Address Both The Terrifying Question Of Whether It Could Happen Elsewhere And How Such A Crisis Can Be Averted In The Future This book is necessary reading for all politicians supporting nuclear power Readers need to be aware that this book is heavily biased towards the anti nuclear lobby stance A recurring theme through this book is that nuclear power is too dangerous for humankind to ever truly master That is a sad outlook to hold. A chilling and detailed account of a disaster that is still unfolding One that came close to being catastrophic This book exposes the frail optimistic outlook of scientist and engineers that continues to blind them to a holistic view of the risks of such undertakings Essential reading. very interesting.

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