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The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington His back good old karl is back on t.v and I must say I enjoyed this book just as much as the show He is so right in what he talks about, it made a nice change for him to do what he wanted rather than being told what to do by Ricky and Steve The topics chosen where very interesting seeing how things are done by other nations The thing I like about karl is that his funny even when he is serious Please lets have another book soon. Brilliantly Funny Supremely Satisfying Hilarious Heat The Funniest Man On The Planet Spectator A Hero For Our Times Mail On Sunday He S A Moron A Completely Round, Empty Headed, Part Chimp Manc Ricky GervaisThe Official Tie In To The Major New Sky TV Series And Follow Up To The Massive Bestseller An Idiot Abroad I m a big fan of Karl Pilkington and have enjoyed all his previous books The Moaning of Life is a hilarious and surprisingly informative read It offers a great accompaniment to the TV series as well as being a fantastic and funny book in its own right Very easy to read and the illustrations are good too Would recommend to any fans of KP as well as anyone looking for a great read. Gotta love the little Orange headed twonk Well Ive finally finished it it took a while cos I was only reading it when I was stuck in traffic on the bus to work may have been a mistake as a few of my fellow passengers thought I was a bit strange sitting there sniggering to myself and recalling the tv series A lot of good one liners in this book and I hope theres another series Without the annoying office bloke and another book to follow Anyone who has ever travelled will be able to associate with the confusion and difficulties Karl faces on his latest adventures He s a beautifully human man who is kind and respectful of different cultures, yet makes hilarious comments and has bizarre insights into their world and lifestyle A hit from Pilkington Could Gervais handle it I don t think so. Great Book that is a bargain price of 3.50 when i bought it, Karl is a Genius, but going from the recent youtube review of this book he needs to get his lines on his head filled in again, hopefully some of the proceeds from this book sale can pay towards botox for you Karl. I m a massive fan of Ricky, Stephen and Karl, have been since the podcast days and the book itself is as funny as Happyslapped by a Jellyfish However it really isn t as fun to read, HbaJ I read in a day or two, couldn t put it down in fact, but this one just didn t have the same effect on my unfortunately Maybe I expected too much Either way, it s a really enjoyable book, and definitely worth a go if you re a fan

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