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Build a Brand in 30 Days You Don T Need A Marketing Degree Or Intensive Training To Build An Attention Grabbing Brand You Just Need This Audiobook And Days Simon Middleton Shows You How To Create, Manage And Communicate Your Brand Profoundly And Effectively, In Just Days, By Following Clear Exercises How You Work Through The Book Is Up To You, The Result Will Be The Same An Authentic, Compelling And Highly Distinctive Brand That Will Attract And Engage Customers And Fans You Will Learn How To Establish Your Brand Values And Positioning Get The All Important Name Right Bring Your Brand To Life Turn Your Customers Into Your Advocates Manage Your PR And Use Your Marketing Budget Wisely Inspire Your Staff To Live The Brand Too Deal With Problems When Something Goes Wrong Branding Is Not About Funky Logos And Expensive Advertising Your Brand Is What Your Company Means To The World Getting That Meaning Right Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do In Business Simon Middleton Is The Author Of Brand New You, Build A Brand In Days, And What You Need To Know About Marketing He Is One Of The UK S Most In Demand Independent Brand Strategy Advisors, Consulting And Speaking All Over The UK And Overseas Simon Has Worked On Brand, Creative And Training Projects With A Wide Range Of Major Corporates As Well As With Charities And Destinations He Is A Regular Commentator On Brand Issues In The Press, On TV And Radio, And Has Appeared On BBC Newsnight, Sky News, Five News, CNN, BBC Breakfast, Bloomberg, The Politics Show

8 thoughts on “Build a Brand in 30 Days

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    This is one solid book, if you re just getting started with getting your brand up and running Simon has wrote this in a very easy to read way The information is solid and lets you think about things in a different perspective, for example alot of people may think of a brand just being about the logo, but by reading this you will soon come to fin

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    I love this book, as the author gives you very clear examples and tools on how to build your brand Don t start or change your brand without reading this book first, the likelihood is you ll make a lot of mistakes without it

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    This is a goodbook, if you re just getting started with branding Simon has wrote this in a easy to read way The information is ok and lets you think about things in a good perspective, Alot of people think of a brand about being the logo, but by reading this you will soon come to find out that this is very not the case at all The brand goes from c

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    Really easy and exciting to go through with a notepad, do the exercises and voila you have a brand

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    Great guidance Helped me work out who I am and what my company s brand should be Easy workouts and examples Great to do a bit then leave it for a while and pick it back up when you have time.

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    Vaguely useful but not sure who it s intended for Drawn out for what I can only think is to keep to the premise of the title.

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    Found this book very useful in helping me to define where I wanted to position my start up Easy to read, with good practical advice.

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    Very good easy to follow book for 1st time entrepreneurs Personally dont have any education in business or how to launch a brand but this book has given me a great insight into it Thank You Mr Middleton

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