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Understanding african art, remarkable artefacts from Gabon (English Edition) There Are Numerous Ways To Comprehend African Art In The First Volume Of Understanding African Art , We Proceeded By Comparison, Or Rather By Opposition, Between What Defines African Art The Best And What Makes It Different From Western Art.These Differences Cannot Only Be Found At The Art Conception Level But Also In Our Ways Of Thinking.Another Way To Discover This Art Consists In Attempting To See, Or Feel, What S Hiding Behind Its Most Characteristic Artefacts Which Also Symbolize The Greatest Ethnic Groups Or Every African Country The Artefacts, Masks, Statuettes Materialize An Ethnic Group And Make It Possible For Us To Discover Other Ways To Live, And Even To Think.In This Second Volume, We Will Analyze The Most Characteristic Artefacts From Gabon And From Its Neighbor, The Republic Of Congo.

About the Author: Jean Claude Gouigoux

Jean Claude Gouigoux est expert en arts africains pour le site d entreprises, conseiller prud homme, expert et avant tout clectique, il intervient galement dans les domaines de la sant Comment bien vieillir et de l entrepreneuriat sur les sites et

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