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Lancaster and York: The Wars of the Roses Lancater And York Is A Riveting Account Of The Wars Of The Roses, From The Beloved And Best Selling Historian Alison Weir The War Between The Houses Of Lancaster And York Was Characterised By Treachery, Deceit, And Bloody Battles Alison Weir S Lucid And Gripping Account Focuses On The Human Side Of History At The Centre Of The Book Stands Henry VI, The Pious King Whose Mental Instability Led To Political Chaos, And His Wife Margaret Of Anjou, Who Took Up Her Arms In Her Husband S Cause And Battled In A Violent Man S World I was vaguely aware of the background to The War of The Roses and thought this book may provide some substance to my scant understanding Boy was I in for a shock I knew nothing really This story is utterly gripping from start to finish The background information is excellent and I found invaluable in understanding the logic of the protagonists thoughts and actions I did find the need to keep returning to earlier parts to remind myself of marriages and progeny in places it is a complicated web to command I had trouble putting the story down if I m honest The fact that this isn t a novel doesn t detract from the page turning drive of the story I liked the writing style but then I should add that I ve never been troubled by the style of that which I read I seem to just adapt to it.I would suggest that if you are considering reading this then you have an incling of the plot Just buy it and start reading You ll be fascinated, intrigued, driven to read on, constantly checking back to remind of the characters background and personally speaking I went online on than one occasiont remind myself of the royal lineage Alison Weir has me in her thrall now As usual Alison Weir proves why she is my favourite historian Her book gets an easy 5 just for the research alone It s just full of minute detail about these fascinating feuding families I best enjoy the trivial detail the arguing Dukes in the inn over who had the best room And another duke bludgeoning a fellow ally for not coming fast enough to his aid in battle.What makes the Wars of the Roses slightly tricky is the title changing Earl of Mar becomes the Duke of York then Edward IV and that s an easier one The Percies temporarily lost their Northumberland title and other noble houses fell like flies their titles being passed on to those in favour So keeping track of who held what title when requires thought And add to that the side changing that went on so frequently it makes the head spin.But Weir sums it all up brilliantly at the end with her reasoning that the over 30 year war was not constant, that most of the common people were barely interested in who won the battles short and armies endlessly stood down and reassembled And that some nobles actually managed to avoid taking any sides at all.It must surely be the definitive read about the Wars of the Roses and was utterly fascinating.

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