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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change I found this book well written and interesting It had a lot to say about habits, how they re formed, how they affect our lives I really enjoyed parts of it, but I found some bits especially towards the end, felt a little light on substance Some very interesting theories put forward but now and I wasn t always convinced that they stood on solid evidential foundations Part of me feels I m being a bit hard on it as it was overall a good and interesting read and I would recommend it, but for me it didn t entirely hit the spot. Why Do We Do Develop Habits And How Can We Change Them We Can Always Change In The Power Of Habit, Award Winning New York Times Business Reporter Charles Duhigg Translates Cutting Edge Behavioural Science Into Practical Self Improvement Action, Distilling Advanced Neuroscience Into Fascinating Narratives Of TransformationWhy Can Some People And Companies Change Overnight, And Some Stay Stuck In Their Old Ruts The Answer Lies Deep In The Human Brain, And The Power Of Habits Reveals The Secret Pressure Points That Can Change A Life From Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps To Martin Luther King Jr From The CEO Of Starbucks To The Locker Rooms Of The NFL, Duhigg Explores The Incredible Results Of Keystone Habits, And How They Can Make All The Difference Between Billions And Millions, Failure And Success Or Even Life And Death The Power Of Habit Makes An Exhilarating Case The Key To Almost Any Door In Life Is Instilling The Right Habit From Exercise To Weight Loss, Childrearing To Productivity, Market Disruption To Social Revolution, And Above All Success, The Right Habits Can Change Everything Habits Aren T Destiny Theyre Science, One Which Can Transform Our Businesses, Our Communities, And Our Lives Plenty Of Business Books That Try To Tap Into The Scientific World Manage To Distil Complicated Research Into Readable Prose But Few Take The Next Step And Become Essential Manuals For Business And Living The Power Of Habit Is An Exception ANDREW HILL, FINANCIAL TIMES Starts well but the further you get the of the it reads like the author is trying to shoehorn in anecdotes he heard about read about about into the book regardless of their relevance Toouch second hand reporting that to me meant it lacked autjority It comes across like a school essay when he gets to section on Corporate culture.Overall, promisomg start but doesn t sustain interest to much waffle not enough substance Self help books are like chain restaurants There are too many of them, most of them are rubbish, but you can t deny that they are useful.Habit is a book that is extremely useful We start off with some obvious but solid reminders of how what we perceive as excellence is habit It s not about grit as some other books would say.Simply setting a reminder to go to bed and putting your trainers next to your bed every night is a better way to get exercising than watching motivational videos on YouTube Humans look for the way way out Make things easy Create a reward loop and you will develop a habit.After a solid start the book falters and diverges quickly Stories become way too drawn out and I would argue not relevant to the reason most people buy this book We get a long chapter on how supermarkets are monitoring our shopping habits via reward cards and can tell if your are pregnant from your food grocery list.We have a chapter that massively drags on how a cassino kept a gambler coming back but stimulating her habit and reminding her of the rewards debt in this case.Like many self help books, you want to throw it out the window at times But it s got a solid thesis I now keep my trainers next to my bed and have created a habit I never thought feasible Thus the book is worth it s weight of gold It s just got a core of lead to go along with it. Anyone who wants to build a new habit, ditch an old one or persuade others to do likewise should definitely read this Clear, simple and well written, digging deep into the underlying reasons for habits sticking or not.This is one that will likely remain on my bookcase for life. I really enjoyed this book and it has taught me a lot about the power or habit and persuasion I think i read it in about 2 days as I just couldn t put it down and have lent it to and recommended it to so many people If you re interested in how and why you do some of the things you do, then this is the book for you. I bought this book so I could learn about habits within an organisation I quickly realised those habits were too deep and moved on so the book became less relevant Picking it up again several months later, I see that it explores habits of individuals and society rather than just organisations so I decided that it might be interesting.Quickly I found myself engrossed by the ideas explored in this book Lots of examples and research is examined to look at how habits form and how they can be changed.The book is split into three sections individuals, organisations and society in general I found the first two sections extremely engaging but thought that the society narrative was slightly less well defined and held my interest less.Very cleverly, real people are used to prove theories and familiar companies are used as examples of habit changes.I was surprised how interesting I found this book and have talked about it to various people whilst I was reading. I really like this book as it explains the theory behind why we have habits, in a way that anyone can understand It provides multiple examples of some well known and lesser known cases, and breaks each one down into easy to understand components The way this is done, in a logical and structured manner, really helped me to understand the theory.If like me, you are open and logically minded, this book will suit you.After explaining the theory, the book then goes on to explain a simple process for understanding any habit that affects you in your daily life, which previously would have been unknown to you You can then delve deeper into understanding the Cue, Routine and Reward Once understood, you can then choose to change your habits, in a simple, methodical, less emotional manner, than for example like me, you realised you d put on a few too many pounds, and without understanding root cause, just went headlong into another diet, to try and put a sticky plaster on the issue.I m now in the process of testing this new knowledge on some simple personal habits before applying the theory to my major life challenge of reducing my body weight, and should it help to achieve that, then I will have proved in the best way possible, the value of this book.

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