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Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power This is an interesting book which is let down a bit by the translation in my opinion Some silly translations in places which I found irritating There is a a lot of detail which you would have to sort through if you want to set up a system thought there is a diagram of a basic one buried in the text There are lots of explanations about components and how they work which seems a bit unnecessary, also a number of circuit diagrams which you would probably not be able to follow if unlike me you really wanted to go to the bother of building them If you wanted to do a lot of the things suggested here I don t think there is sufficient detail and instructions The projects are also dependent on your having access to some considerable engineering skills and equipped workshop and parts from scrap yards The end products are also cumbersome and inconvenient You would have to be a real headcase in my view to go to the trouble to make a lot of stuff instead of just using an inverter I know that s not quite the spirit of things but tools which overheat quickly and therefore can t be used for long and are also under powered I don t think I would want to live with unless I was on a desert island but then I wouldn t have a handy scrap yard to find my parts It is however an interesting read but of little help to me who wanted to consider setting up a 12 volt system for my garage Its impracticality was a disappointment, but you have to admire the tenacity of this guy who goes to such great lengths to go as off grid as possible He has worked very hard for along tie to come up with these solutions and he deserves a medal for his amazing efforts One of course would be dependent on buying electronic components.. The book is interesting and somewhat useful but not as much as anticipated I found the content to be a bit dated and it lacked the detail I was looking for with respect to wiring a 12 DC system Still, for the price it wasn t a waste of money. Good book covers the basics well.Slightly in need of a revision at this stage I see it was first published in 2009, but the core of the book deals with batteries and their maintenance, types of panels and their relative differences charge controllers and cabling.The book is written from a very practical standpoint and even the apparently mundane advice of selecting plugs sockets for your 12V equipment that are different from your regular house hold plugs sockets is actually very worthwhile probably saving you the sub optimal costly learn by experience path.The areas of Led lights are dated but this is does not detract too much from the book as its main value is in the capture and storage of solar energy.Good intro, not the last word. This is a good introduction for getting to grips with a small scale diy solar system, principally using 12v leisure batteries, and includes a valuable section on the use of the multi meter a cheap essential tool for electrical fiddling by amateur geeks Few will want to build the 12v tools Solarmichel revels in, as he seems to disparage the use of 12 240v inverters which I find very convenient All told, useful A up to date book is waiting to be written in the light of the availability of cheaper components. If you want to introduce alternative power supplies around the house and garden or even live totally off grid in your boat, caravan or yurt and need a practical introduction to solar power andvolt supplies, here is the essential eBook guide to the subject Was a very good summary for anyone wanting to install a solar panel and make it work for you.

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