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Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power Good book covers the basics well.Slightly in need of a revision at this stage I see it was first published in 2009, but the core of the book deals with batteries and their maintenance, types of panels and their relative differences charge controllers and cabling.The book is written from a very practical standpoint and even the apparently mundane advice of selecting plugs sockets for your 12V equipment that are different from your regular house hold plugs sockets is actually very worthwhile probably saving you the sub optimal costly learn by experience path.The areas of Led lights are dated but this is does not detract too much from the book as its main value is in the capture and storage of solar energy.Good intro, not the last word. If You Want To Introduce Alternative Power Supplies Around The House And Garden Or Even Live Totally Off Grid In Your Boat, Caravan Or Yurt And Need A Practical Introduction To Solar Power And Volt Supplies, Here Is The Essential EBook Guide To The Subject This book is a good primer and covers many aspects that others overlook it really comes in the Garden Shed inventor category which allows you to see under the covers of the now widely available power regulators and related kit The fact that he is a practical engineer shows in his , almost Heath Robinson solar tracking system It may not be elegant but it does the job He includes an interesting section on batteries and what to look for if you re sourcing them from a junkyard I prefer to buy industrial batteries as they re better suited to solar application but if you are on a budget To be honest the only quibble I have iwith this book is his preoccupation with electric smog Sorry but from everything I ve read the biggest source modern man faces is the cell phone in his pocket and that s only because it s within millimetres of his skin or the mains extension lead running into the hand held power tool Yes AC cable radiates a small EM field but the inverse square law means that even a few inches separation means it s effectively an irrelevance.Having said that don t let it colour the whole of the book as Michel Daniek has condensed a lot into a slim book, complete with circuit diagrams should you feel the need to build your own solar charging regulator It s fun but given the availability of such items there s no other reason to do so these days. This is a good introduction for getting to grips with a small scale diy solar system, principally using 12v leisure batteries, and includes a valuable section on the use of the multi meter a cheap essential tool for electrical fiddling by amateur geeks Few will want to build the 12v tools Solarmichel revels in, as he seems to disparage the use of 12 240v inverters which I find very convenient All told, useful A up to date book is waiting to be written in the light of the availability of cheaper components. This book is not quite what I was expecting but that is not the fault of the author I had hoped for a simple introduction into solar but this was a little too tech for me A good book if you already have a basic understanding of solar. A good intro for anyone with an interest and some practical DIY skills.Needs an update though Still talking about NiCad and Nickel mettle hydride batteries, with Lithium Ion batteries and LED bulbs seen as futuristic. A nice book, but has a few flaws and one of the chapters is on the top of electrosmog This topic has no scientific veracity and there is no scientific literature that has every proved it s a real health hazard Apart from that little blip, it s quite a good book Perhaps it could have been a bit instructional on how to set up a 12 volt system A lot of the book is concerned with explaining the general electrical principles that underpin an electrical system. Bought this guide to help when installing solar in my cabin Very helpful advice and written in a nice humorous in places, manner I now have a fully working system that copes with lights, tv, radio, soldering iron, laptop charging boosted to 18v , phone charging, electric fan and.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power book, this is one of the most wanted Michel Daniek author readers around the world.

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